The Hawaii House

Welcome to our Hawaii home! Well, what used to be our Hawaii home. This was our first home we owned and remodeled. It was a wonderful opportunity for beginners! It was built in the early 90’s, but the previous owners had trashed it in a serious way! Incredible! Everything from the garage door opener to the garbage disposal was broke. Holes in the walls, one master bedroom wall had the window AC leak down it and was completely rotted. All the ceiling fans were hanging from wires and to top it off, the previous owner had tried to paint it to make it better, but had not taped off the ceiling, and had painted around the furniture (armoire, ect,..)! Lots of projects to fix, but a great, fairly modern place to start!
Come on in……Living room. I had to match the ceiling color…7 different trips to hm depot to get it close enough. I faux painted the walls (that was still in then). Around that corner is a 1/2 bath, that I can’t seem to find the pictures of.
The arch you see was my idea. The house was shaped like a U. I didn’t like it, needed a little more room definition, so I suggested we put up this arch. Oh my, was it a job! John and I about killed each other, so afterwards we affectionately referred to it as….The Arch of Doom!
Office area. Was originally the dinning room, but had carpet and was right in front of the stairs. I felt it was a very odd placement, so we swapped it with a small family room.

Dinning area. Originally the small family room. I felt it was more appropriate to have the dinning room off the kitchen and not in front of the stairs. Kitchen. We painted the cupboards, which were originally a plastic pink coating. I had to peel it all off and get a paint sprayer. I really thought that turned out nicely. All flooring was done by me and my terrific family, when they came to visit! How would you like to visit Hawaii and put in flooring?! Except the carpet, which was one of the two things we hired out (after renting the material to put it in twice…I still never felt comfortable doing it)!Red kitchens and that Spanish style were the thing about then….countertops were actually spray painted with a textured, stone finish spray paint! I thought they turned out terrific!!! We also purchased new appliances and sold the old on Craigslist.I have no idea why this is the only room (guest bathroom) I have lots of pictures of. Maybe because it was my first room to completely finish. We didn’t even use this room for awhile. It was stinky and disgusting and when my mom went to turn the tub on, bugs came out! No joke! Turned out delightful!I was going to crackle the mirror frame that I installed, but I was too anxious for it to dry and when I started scrapping, it gave the most fantastic finish! I loved it!

We did vinyl stick tile in all the bathrooms. Nice and easy and it looked good. Was appropriate for where the house was.

Chloe’s room. I loved this room and the pictures don’t do it justice. It was a nice yellow and everything in it had been given, or I had found at a yardsale, bedding and everything. It was so precious!

The boys room. I just remember there being lots of holes in the wall originally. Maybe it was a boys room before we moved in??

Stairway leading upstairs. I had to repaint ALL the trim. The Hawaiian red clay left every surface pink! We had AC installed, but the previous owners had just left the windows open, so pink dust was everywhere! It was sooooo much detail painting!

Master bedroom: This is where we had to redrywall an entire wall due to a leaking window AC, and the original fan was hanging by the wires, as well as the living room fan. Sidenote: bedframe was hauled home off the side of the road!

I wish I had pictures of this vanity area and the downstairs bathroom. Who knows if I remembered to even take any!

Welcome outdoors! Kapolei Hawaii is a hot and dry part of Oahu and although the middle of the day was usually scorching, by evening it was so pleasant! The yard was dead when we got there, but we were able to water it back to life, put in a simple boarder and when I was 8 mo pregnant I put in the brick patio. Boy did we enjoy the patio!

So, there’s the pictures I can find as of now. You can get the general idea and realize that I actually did FINISH a house at one point in my life!


  1. It turned out beautiful!! I can’t believe how people can just trash a house and not care. I can’t imagine visiting Hawaii and working!! What a wonderful family you have! That will be an experience and memories you will always have. How wonderful!

  2. Beautiful job!

  3. Your home is lovely. You mention in your text what was “in” then (and I assume you are concerned the photos appear “dated” now). To the contrary, I think your home is STILL lovely. I really like your style. It’s clean and simple but still warm and with touches of personality. Beautiful.

  4. I’m so glad we got to see two of the three. Just looked at this section now! So I guess I need to fly out to the pacnorwest!

  5. I just found this and loved it – because my first “fixer upper” was also back in 2003-2005, and I painted the kitchen cabinets white and the walls red, and the countertops were a speckled gray… that was indeed a trend. Everyone had red paint somewhere! It makes me a little more determined to renovate my current project in a way that I truly like, rather than what everyone else is doing. I’ve actually stopped painting all my kitchen cabinets white and started considering other ideas, lol. 😉 You guys do great work! -Katy

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