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I’m not sure if you saw my post about the Poppies at Play house tours this past week, but today they are asking all of decorating crazy bloggers to post our house tours. I had to jump in. We’ve come along ways with this place….and have a long ways to go!
Here is our crazy family(taken a year and a half ago)…..the little lady pic is below, becuase we can’t seem to get a decent family pic with 5 kids….this was the best we could do with 4!
This girl is so cute, she sort of deserves her own pic anyways….:)

We live in a 1948 rambler, put up in a hurry by the government during the Manhatan Project (if you don’t know what that is, it was the making of the Atomic Bomb!)  Actually the houses are increadibly sturdy, but the entire town was built in bascially 4 yrs….anyways, I love the old charectar, and we’re trying to keep the old and add some new. As it says on my sidebar, we’re a military family with 5 kids so houses must come big and inexpensive and be made beautiful as we go…..although due to a 15mo deployment and 2 babies, this was has taken longer than normal! This summer we’ll reach our 4 yr mark here!
ok…enough on us….here’s our place!
I’ll bring you in through the Entryway.
Found this ginormous …frame thing….at the Goodwill for $3!

Dresser for $20…..I love thrift stores.

My “springy” stuff.

* This is one of the rooms that isn’t totally finished, so the pics are not the best. Niether are the baseboards….that are missing in spots!
Then there’s the Dining Room

These two above rooms are unfinished, hence why I don’t have decent pics of them.
Here’s our Kitchen.
Our kitchen is the room we are currently working on. We are almost done!!! Of course if you truly came in right now, cabinet doors would be missing, as they have found a new home in the carport while being striped and sanded. 🙂
My chalkbaord backed open kitchen cabinets…..I’m lovin’ ’em if you’re wondering!

*open cabinets work so well with pull-out drawers (see here).
Eating nook

My chalkboard bottomed kitchen door. 
Here is our Main Bathroom
It has seen a huge remodel which you can see more bathroom details and before/after pics of on the link.
We’ve done all the tile/counter work ourselves. This is the first room I painted white. I love it, except with 5 kids (3 boys) couldn’t a different color really be great to have on the walls…..dark brown-gray perhaps…maybe I’ll learn that for the next place?

I’ve always loved black and white and was happy how this room turned out.

Then there’s our Nursery
This room is for a 2yr old boy and our baby girl.
It was tough getting the “gender-nutral” look just so.
You can see the details and before/after pics here.
I sewed all the bedding for the space (except for the guitar bed sheets), recovered all lamp shades, chair and ottomen and did all the artwork. It was quite a job! Like making an entire room from scratch. Why I did this….I’m still not sure. Somthing about saving money, and not being able to find anything I liked in the stores… and let’s face it, it probably had something to do with my weird need for repurposing all the great yardsale finds I have stowed away in my basement!

Then we’ll hit the stairway that takes you to the basement.

I love this little reminder, printed on basic computer paper and glue sticked to the wall 🙂
That and other stairway details you can see here. Did I mention that I’m too cheap to buy vinyl? Unbelievably, this does look the same even close up!

The only space (in my opinion) blogworthy in my basement is my sewing nook. I tried not to show before pics in this post, but I had to throw this one in!
Deep, nasty, cinderblock closet before…..
Functional sewing nook after.

Click on sewing nook to see more storage/space details and all the makeover of yard sale finds for this nook.
We have another year or so to finish renovating this place, so it’s “game-on” for home renovation right now! Keep checking in to see our progress! 6 spaces down….8 (or so) spaces to go!
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love your home! I think you did an outstanding job with the nursery….you got it just right with the yellow, black and gray for both a boy and a girl! LOVE the signs….”Little ones to him belong” and “They’re weak but He is strong”. So cute!
    ~Cindy :o}

  2. your home is adorable! my favorite room is the nursery- it is awesome! and of course what is not to love about the chalkboard backed cabinets?

  3. Hi and a wonderful home you have! You really have made this house look like a wonderful home. Now here I go agreeing with your above two commenters – I love your nursery. Tears came to my eyes when I saw the sweet sign above the crib, “they’re weak, but He is strong”. I have one little baby grand daughter and I would love to make her a little sign like this! Touched my heart! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  4. Everything is beautiful and looks so put together and yet perfectly comfortable too. I can’t get over that yummy frame – THREE DOLLARS???? So jealous.

    (another mom of five that hasn’t had an acceptable family photo. Ever.)

  5. I love your home! I love those bargains you have found and how you have incorporated them into your decorating. The nursery is so sweet!

  6. You have a lovely home, and a cute family. You have certainly worked hard to give it character and to personalize it. I love your dining set, the vintage dressers and all your accessorizing. Thanks for stopping by our home tour and for your kind comments.

  7. Just popping over from Poppies at Play. Love seeing your beautiful place without having to leave mine.
    Thanks for the tour.


    Gg – Notes on the Journey
    #3 (Kitchen tour from my vintage Chicago apartment)

    ps. Love all the words you have sprinkled throughout your home.

  8. Love your home. The chalkboard backed cabinets is a brilliant idea! Now I know what to do with my next cabinet redo!! I just made a sweets and hot drinks cabinet last week….and love it. Thanks for the idea! Following you now,

  9. Beautiful home you have! Yes, heart to heart mother of 5!! Love it:) I laughed about getting a good fam pic of your daughter:) I totally love your open door kitchen with the chalkboard backs. It looks like a huge hutch or something. It really stands out! In the past I’ve considered doing that, but it’s scared me. I see it in magazines and I wonder how it functions in real life! It looks fabulous and I’m glad to see it actually works too!! Your home has so many personal and beautiful touches!
    Thanks for linking!

    Poppies at Play

  10. Hey Andy,
    You see what my cupboard used to look like! I got rid of most things that didn’t match, I get everything at yardsales or the Goodwill, so I don’t have too much sentimental stuff. I built pull-out cupboard drawers below which REALLY helps hold alot of food! Then I make sure when I come home from our local bulk-food section I transfer everything into tupperware so the drawers stay organized. So far it has worked well (only on month 3 though 🙂 )

    Thanks for hosting! What a great tour it was!!! and Linky party!

  11. Beautiful home, LOVE the sewing nook!

  12. what a beautiful home. I’m green with envy!

  13. oh, lady. i. am. hooked. i adore your blog & your decor! following! 🙂

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