Garden Boxes

Here’s some pics for you Val….
Garden boxes in the back right corner.
I’m hoping some vines will grow on this fence to hide the neighbor’s green monster.
Painted crib sides and vines will hopefully “pretty” this fence. Below it is my new 16ft garden box for larger vine plants.
Crib front with chicken wire to grow the peas on.
It’s been so cold here this spring, but the lettuce is finally starting to come up.
There are some pics. It looks much better during the summer, but I ran out this morning and took a few for ya.  Time to buy Joe a chop saw and put him to work on some for you! lol 🙂


  1. Wow, the yard looks really good Katie! I can’t believe the neighbor is allowed to have that big truck back there. You are so nice not to complain.
    Nice work!

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