New Living Room “things”.

Here is the latest “piano” area. Piano bench is recovered (as seen in a previous post).
New curly willow tree in urn. Can you believe I got these from my neighbor for free! ….love them!
New yellow worded sign
New silhouette wall art.
I found some scrapbooking paper with letters all over it when I started incoorporating yellow in the LR. So I took some molding from the basement scrap pile, painted it black and added the yellow letters. I think it’s a great reminder 🙂 It reads “Love each other as I have loved you”.

I wanted some black and white shilhouettes, and here’s what I came up with. It’s not my absolute favorite idea ever, but it took care of something decent there, and I had everything in my house…gotta love free.

The living room is taking shape! I’m enjoying it’s changes. Still have to paint some of the previous material that I had sewen on the curtians…or at least I’ll attempt to paint it. I’ve never really tried it before. More LR changes to come on redoing all the pillows and painting on some of them.

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