Junk to Jewelry Holder

Here is my new jewelry holder. At every house I live in, I’m always in search of a decent way to organize my (rather large) amount of jewelry. I blogged on my first attempt to organize my jewelry inside my cupboard doors (which had worked wonderfully in another house), but it became an epic failure, as my two youngest children would take all the earrings and necklaces off as I was getting ready in the mornings. Besides that, the cupboards didn’t shut perfectly, due to my poor cutting of the pegboard.
This “organizer” was originally the most strange room divider. It was to the right of the master bedroom door when we moved in. It just stood there, blocking any right hand view of the room, almost floor to ceiling. It was an ugly blue (seen in pic below) with gathered navy fabric and was just plain strange. I loved the size and interest it had, and knew I would find something to use it for.
After priming and painting, I used a staple gun to staple chicken wire and material to the back of the open frame.
Then I began hanging jewelry.
To hang necklaces, I clipped parts of the chicken wire and curved them into an S shape to make hooks.
The nice thing is, it’s big enough for all my jewelry!


  1. wow! great idea you have here and it looks beautiful!

  2. Nice job…I could totally see this in my bedroom. I am your newest follower. Please follow me back and get in on a driftwood sailboat give-a-way I currently have up. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sherron

  3. I really like this, the fabric is gorgeous. I am a new follower. Donna G.

  4. That’s great! We are making homemade Christmas gifts this year and this is a great idea, thank you! Newest follower too-


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