Pinecone Wreath

Every year I see the the “real wreaths” outside the grocery stores, and smell their pine smell,  and contemplate purchasing one, because there’s just something about “real” pine tree branches that makes me happy! Yet every year, I look at the price and decide to go home and put my “fake” one up.
This year I decided to turn my “fake” wreath into a “real” wreath. I’m not sure what it is now? I wreath with an identity crisis. Whatever it is, it turned out looking “real” for a fraction of the cost.
Here’s what you’ll need:
Some sort of evergreen branches. I used 2 different kinds
Metallic paint….I guess you could use colored if you wanted.
I also used sparkles (optional)
a “fake” wreath (see picture below)
florists tape
ribbon, stars, anything else you want to use to dress it up.
I started by painting the pinecones gold and rolling them in iridescent glitter. By doing this first, they will have time to dry, while you arrange the wreath greenery.
Finished pinecones.
Now take your “fake” wreath (use a kind that has wire in it). These can be purchased at about any thrift store this time of year. I’ve even seen them at Dollar Tree.
Start adding the real branches to it.
You can see I wrapped the wire branches from the fake wreath onto the real branches to keep them in place. I cut the branches about a foot long for one kind and smaller for the other kind of evergreen.
Here’s a picture of the wreath after 1/2 the greenery was on.
Next, take the florist’s wire, cut it in half and wrap it around the pinecone. Then wire it to the wreath branches….real or fake.
I added starts and a bow from the dollar store so it would show up even better on my door.
Total cost: $3 (of course I used a wreath I had at home, and already had the paint and glitter). If you had to purchase everything, I think you could get away with making it for under $10.


  1. ok the wreath is lovely but what kind of camera do you use? I need to buy one because your pictures are great too!

  2. Hey Katy,
    I have a Nikon D5000. I bought it off a friend who had gone pro with her photography buisness. I like it. I use Photoshop to edit and that probably does me more good than the camara. Excited to see what you do with the house! Congrats.

  3. The wreath is beautiful!!!


  4. I’m on an inspiration hunt to make my first ever christmas wreath so had to click on your link from RYN party and it’s BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Your wreath looks lovely! I would have never known that it was only half real!

  6. that is fabulous! the real greens really add to it-i wish i could do something like that, but i really don’t think there’s trees round my way that i could use. great idea glittering up those pinecones, too.

  7. Your wreath is completely stunning! Visiting from Tatertots and Jello Linky Party

  8. Your wreath turned out gorgeous! Love the combination of natural elements with the glitter. Thanks for sharing at this week’s BFF Open House.

  9. Thanks for this idea! We’re going with a pinecone theme this year for Christmas so this would be perfect!

    I found you through the C.R.A.F.T. link party – so glad I did!

  10. Thank you for the tutorial, it’s exactly what I was looking for, because I want to make a fall wreath with pinecones 🙂


  11. What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing- all my fake wreaths are having a makeover this year!

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