Bedroom Renovation Progress and how to Decorate it Inexpensively!

We are making master bedroom progress! (current renovation area)
I thought I would share some hints on creating a bedroom space on the cheap!  inexpensively!
These are a few shots of what I have accumulated/come up with so far. I think just about everything is either a hand-me-down, thrifted, or from a yardsale/GW.
I placed numbers on this bottom picture to show where I have found most the items you see.
#1.) Down comforter: GW (Goodwill), tags still on from JC Penny. Probably something they couldn’t sell fast enough and donated. (many stores, especially Target, do this)
2.) Throw: $1/yr. fabric from Walmart. Same material as the curtains. Adding a simple piece of fabric at the end of a bed can really dress it up and doesn’t cost much.
3.) Bed Skirt: Walmart clearance $4. It was a king and the bed is a queen, but did you know you can use safety pins to pin bed skirts to the box springs and make them the to fit the bed size?
4.) Chenille bed spread from JC  Penny, $5 at a yardsale. I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t look even used. There was a very small hole that I patched.
5.) Tables: I always wanted to paint these and make them smaller, but we’re on a timeline here, so I decided to let them be. They were given by a friend of a friend.
6.) Curtains: $1/yr material at Walmart
7.) Chandelier: $25 off craiglist with the matching sconces seen here!
8.) Headboard: Original doors to a closet that used to be in this room. The previous owners expanded the room and made a walk-in closet. The doors were in a downstairs workroom when we moved in.
* Oops, I think I forgot to number the art in the window. Frame $1 at a yardsale. Sunburst $3 yardsale, and I made the stripes from scrapbook paper. I love the way it looks, but only really put it up during the day, for fear the sunburst will fall and take out my eye when I’m sleeping! It’s only liquid nailed on there. lol
9.) Pillows: I love pillows! My husband thinks having this many is ridiculous. I try to show him that this amount is not abnormal. Back pillow covers were from a local thrift store. I’m sure they were about $2-3 each. The white ones were both $2 each at the same thrift store. The damask pillows are a match to the sheets (Ross), and the monogrammed pillow was a $5 clearance at Walmart. My sister has a embroidery machine and put the letters on it for me. 
10.) Lamps: Bases $4 each (wrongly marked, but they gave it to me anyways) at Walmart. Shades were from Walmart or Target, no steal of a deal there, but they were probably reasonable. I dressed them up with $4 worth of silky ruffled ribbon. 
11.) Curtain rod: Came with the room, but I had to add a piece of gold rod to the middle. If you could see closely, I found a piece of rod at the GW and added it to the middle to extend the curtains. 
* I should also throw in that the bed frame is GW.  $10 is a typical price for a Hollywood bed frame at a thrift store (depending on your area). I think I’ve easily found a Hollywood bed frame at thrift store for every bed we’ve ever owned.
Thought I would highlight the “tips” for you.
Well, not the best pictures, but hopefully that will inspire you with some ideas, or at least to look through the linen section while thrifting!
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  1. Hi, Katie

    Love your bedroom. It’s lovely and I love the chandelier! Love for you to stop by Have a great weekend.


  2. Beautiful job!

  3. Get out… bedroom is that exact color….I love the colors you have paired with it..Thanks you have inspired me!
    I’d love for you to share this @CountryMommaCooks Link & Greet party going on now-Sunday..Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I love how you made the closet door your headboard. Awesome! I like the tall tables too. The whole room works! Gorgeous!

  5. Amazing girlfriend! How long did it take you to do all this? It’s magic I think! You should have your own business or maybe you do. Those T.V. people have nothing on you! Great job! What’s next? I can’t wait!

    • Thanks Sam I Am! That’s so nice to hear. The rest of my room is what’s going on right now. I’m trying to finish it by the end of Jan. Then I will be done with the upstairs of my house, and so it will be on to the downstairs! (insert scary movie music here).


  6. Your room looks REALLY good Katie! Good job getting it all put together!

  7. Katie,

    Looks beautiful and so happy that you are joining our “Impossibilities” challenge. Hopefully it provides the inspiration to finish up all those little details (I have a few lingering touch-ups here and there that may end up being my next year’s “Impossibilities” challenge …


  8. It’s all in the details and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do. Happy to have you joining our Impossibilities Challenge!

  9. details details details!!!! can’t wait to see them all!!!! so glad you decided to join us in our Impossibilities Challenge!!!! hugs from your newest member!

  10. Hi Katie,
    Your bedroom looks fabulous and nate Berkus would be proud of you, and so am I…………
    Really you did a great job, and I love doing the best you can with what you have and not
    spending a cool fortune, but just making it look like you did………..mission accomplished hon,
    Blessings, nellie

  11. WOW! Your bedroom looks awesome! I love the monogrammed pillow on the bed and the colors are perfect! Thanks for joining the challenge!

  12. Wow awesome bedroom! I love all you did, especially the prices! Great job!

  13. The bedroom looks awesome! So glad you’ve joined the challenge and thank you for posting our button! I’m looking forward to seeing you linked up on the 31st!

  14. Beautiful job! Great thrifted finds as well! 🙂 How do you manage to make it so UNcluttered? Our bedroom has tons of chargers, alarm clocks, etc etc etc all over! Your room is just perfect!

    Visiting from:

  15. Good inspiration! I am just now redecorating my bedroom. I also bought a chandelier on Craigslist! Cant wait to hang it!

  16. What a lovely room! No matter where we move, the bedroom always seems to be the last space to get decorated. We moved into a new house about three months ago and while most of the rooms are a work in progress still, the bedroom barely looks unpacks. Sigh. Oh well, hopefully I will get to it soon. Thanks for the inspiration. 😀

  17. Oh my dear Katie, you and I are so much alike! I love your taste and appreciation for thriftiness! (sp?) I’m now following you via email!
    Anyway, please come show this off at my place Wednesday! You could win a $5 Starbucks card!

  18. Your bedroom is quite beautiful, outstanding job on decorating on a budget. So many thrifted finds you out did yourself. There is absolutely nothing not to love about you bedroom. Thanks for sharing you creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best party!

  19. Wow, I never knew you could get so many bargains and they all look so good together! Thanks for sharing:)

  20. Beeeee-yoo-ti-ful, friend! I loooooove all the neutrals + layered patterns/textures. SO chic and elegant! And you KNOW I love the price!

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. I am loving this! Consider sharing with my readers at



  22. Your bedroom looks fabulous! A great example of how good design does not have to cost a fortune! Great job!!

  23. The bedroom looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the details of where you got all this and how much!! I really haven’t been too successful at thrifting yet…

    Thanks for sharing this on the Take it on Tuesday blog hop!

  24. Great job! I just love it. Lots of inspiration for our bedroom.

  25. Wow, I would never have known this room was done on such a budget. Great job!

    Warmly, Michelle

  26. This is impressive!

  27. What a beautiful space!! You did a wonderful job! I think rooms pulled off on a budget turn out so mooch nicer than if we had tons of money to buy whatever. Thanx for sharing!

  28. Nice job! Lovely space on a dime– I’m impressed! Visiting from Tutes and Tips. 🙂

  29. You did a beautiful job, Katie! I love everything!

    visiting from WUW : )

  30. I LOVE your bed/bedding! Thanks for sharing your resouces. I’m sooooo inspired!! Looking forward to more inspiration as a new follower.


  31. Love it!!!!

  32. Your bedroom is lovely. Can’t believe all of your wonderful deals. Love the color of your walls with the other accent colors in the room.
    Mary Alice

  33. I love all the details you have been able to do for such a good price. I am in the processes of planing a bedroom re-do. What is the paint color of your room? I think it would be great in my room!

  34. Katie, Your bedroom is so pretty and it sure doesn’t look like a room done on a budget! Thanks for linking to the Open House Party this week. Hugs, Sherry

  35. Those are some amazing, thrifty finds! Congratulations for making such a beautiful home without spending a fortune! Looks great.

  36. Your room looks amazing! We’re working on a lot of bedroom things right now & your colors are even a lot like the colors we are using. Hope we can do it with as great of finds as you have! Such a great inspiration. I love the chandelier & the curtains. We don’t have overhead lighting at all in our room, but it is so pretty! I also like the little owls on the side wall. I have a thing for owls. So cute!

  37. Gorgeous! Never knew about stores donating to Goodwill and the like. I always thought the things I found with tags still on were change of heart purchases by individuals. Learn something new every day! Thank you for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  38. This looks great and I love that it is all done thriftily. Great job.

  39. Beautiful! Is that a picture of an owl on the wall, how fun.

  40. Katie your pictures and this room are both gorgeous!! I feel like I am looking at a magazine and I love how you went through and showed where everything came from and how inexpensively you put this together. Great job and thank you for sharing this at Inspiration Friday this week!

  41. Great job!! The fabric choices are great!

  42. It looks great! I love the tall nightstand. Awesome job 🙂

  43. Katie, will you come do mine? I love everything you did!


  44. Great tips, the room is gorgeous!

  45. I SO need to get into our bedroom and update a few things! Your bedroom is beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up to the Tuesday To Do Party!

  46. That’s so helpful! GIves me some good ideas of what to look for.:) Thanks!

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  48. Gorgeous! And I love how you broke it all down! Thanks for sharing at my party!

  49. This is stunning!!! It will be featured tomorrow.

  50. harump! my Walmart doesn’t sell fabric any more!

    • Some Walmarts still do. We have 3 where I live and one of them still sells fabric. They don’t seem to have huge $1/yr tables like they used to, but they have more bolts of fabric for sell. They usually sell an entire bolt for about $5! One lady who worked there told me that so many people complained about them getting rid of their fabric sections, that they kept fabric in a few of the stores. Wish they were still in ALL of them!


  51. Looking great and at such a fabulous price! Thank you for sharing your lovely post at Potpourri Friday!

  52. So beautiful~ this turned out amazing!! Thank you for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday! Hope to see you again at this weeks party!

  53. Awesome, Awesome, and did I say how Awesome this is. What a high-end look you achieved on a tight budget. pin, pin, pin!

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