It’s Finally Here! My Bedroom Reveal!!!

To a tour of my newly renovated bedroom. 
I’ve tried for the life of me to find some before pictures, but I painted this bedroom 4 yrs ago, before I blogged, and although we found pictures of the rest of the house pre-reno, I guess the bedroom didn’t get photographed much. (Although I distinctly remember seeing a picture of a kid in a playpen in the room….so I’ll keep looking.) 
Anyways, it was originally sponge painted a mint green and sky blue…and when I say sky blue…it couldn’t have been BLUER! Even the window trim and baseboards were sky blue..and the ceiling! The vanity area and the bathroom were a dark and light brown that were also sponge painted and there was a sand castle boarder adorning the top of the wall… as you’ll see, this was quite a change.
I’ve had the room painted for 4 yrs (only because the bright blue/green sponge paint job was somewhat difficult to sleep with every night), but I had literally lived with the window seals 1/2 painted, 1/2 finished everything, tape still on, and huge gaps where the previous owners had taken off the quarter round for carpet, for four years. It’s funny how we put our bedrooms off! Then a couple challenges came along (Imagine the Impossibilities and the First Project of 2012, which you can see at the bottom of the post) and I thought, yep, I better finish up that bedroom!
The 1st year, I took the carpet out and re-did the wood floors myself, and painted.
2nd year I found some of this bedding and added the chandelier. The tables I also found, but redid them last week. You can see that here. 
This is my favorite wall. I started this gold frame picture collauge last summer, but didn’t have any matting, frames painted, or pictures in it until the last 2 weeks. I LOVE it!!!
The fire place was a Christmas present to ourselves 2 years ago (Costco). I LOVE it also. It and the lamp shades are the only things in the room not found either 90% off, from Craigslist the Goodwill or a yard sale.
 This is the most cozy place in my world. I get up, before the kids with a cup of coffee, that cozy throw and my bible and computer…..I could stay there forever!
I recovered the chair and made the pillows last week also (told you it has been a crazy week!). Tutorial on my tassel edged and the Union Jack inspired pillows to come!
This is my bed. Everything in the room is a Goodwill find, a Craigslist find, a yard sale find, or on super clearance at Walmart. I honestly think the lamp shades and the fireplace are the only exceptions. You can find a run down of where I acquired just about everything in this picture here.  Don’t you just love the owl pictures from the GW. They have names written underneath…Winky and Blinky!
Another bed picture.
So, you’ve seen one side of the room. If you turn you’ll see the vanity area, walk-in closet and a teeny, tiny bathroom. This house is a 1948 ranch. If you google Alphabet houses in Richland WA. You can read about how the entire town was built by the government in four years for the Manhatten Project (to build the Atomic Bomb).  It’s incredible history. The original owners took one of the upstairs bedrooms (you know those tiny bedrooms in old houses that aren’t really even bedrooms) and turned it into this vanity/walk-in-closet/bathroom area. GREAT idea!
Here’s one more bed shot from the hallway.
My little plant and recovered books.
This is my Junk Art Wall. You can read about it Here. I found both the mattress wall art and the table below it along side the road.
Pictures of my husband and I, my kids and my grandma on her wedding day.
This area I do have before pics of…..somewhere. I’ll have to find them, but I’m excited, so I’m posting this without them. This was the wooden light fixture box, wooden 3 hinged mirror, and dual brown sponge painted area….with the sand castle boarder 🙂   Can you believe I found these mirrors for $3.95 each at Lowes when I lived in HI??!!  They must have priced them wrong. I bought ALL of them (I think there were 6 left at the time), sold some, and have hauled these around for 4 years lol! Now they look great in their new home.
I’ll do a tutorial on how I refinished the cabinets later.
My little grouping of things from yard sales/ GW. The middle one is candle sticks stuck together.
You can see I how I made my Junk to Jewelry holder here. 
My DIY wall art out of clearance picture frames that I made last week. You can see the tutorial here. 
So, I’m soooo excited to have this finished! I’m glad that I had some good “challenges” to link up to, in order to keep me going! (you can read about them below).  Thanks for stopping by on my room tour!



  1. Hi Katie, I saw your room the other day at a link party. Beautiful and even more stunned at looking at all the details. Very well put together and my kind of gal (finding on the side of the road!)
    ~Tami @ Curb Alert!

  2. Whoa Nellie! I almost burned my cookies in the oven because I was so involved looking at your redo that I didn’t even hear the timer go off! LOL! Thank goodness I like them a little brown! You have really done a marvelous job decorating on a budget. It’s easy to go out and buy new and decorate. And I see those blogs and almost laugh…anyone can do that! But to be able to get by on sales, roadside finds and thrift store bargains and create a space as beautiful and restful as you have….now that’s TALENT! And girlfriend…you’ve got it! Congratulations on a job not just well done but done with love and caring and it shows. Can’t wait to see more! You’re inspiring!
    Thanks for taking the time to share it with the rest of us.

  3. I am so jealous! I found your link via Family Ever After, and your room is absolutely stunning. You are amazingly talented!!

  4. Beautiful room Katie! Makes up for the socks!

  5. It’s gorgeous! It has such a luxe look to it. Well done!!! Found you on A Blonde’s DIY Life party 🙂

  6. Katie, it’s beautiful! I just love all of it, but my favorite part is the cozy chair by the fireplace for your private morning devotionals. What a great place! I can imagine what a retreat that is–and I only have 3 kids!

  7. Such a beautiful room….a wonderful oasis! 😀

  8. Huge job, you pulled everything together so well. Its has been nice having peeks as you posted your projects over the past little while. Congratulations.

  9. Oh it’s just dreamy-great job!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! I love your bedroom, Katie!!

  11. That is such a beautiful space… mind if I move in?!

    Rhonda @ home.made.

  12. I love how it is traditional and elegant, yet modern with the paint color. I love your style. It is fantastic. I’m inspired for sure! What kind of curtain panels are those? They drape so well. It all looks expensive!

  13. Gorgeous! Thanks for linking up!

  14. Lovely! Beautiful and tranquil and stylish…you nailed it! Now you have motivated me to work on my master bedroom!

  15. LOVE IT!!! You need to move in w/ us for while—John can be Mr. Mom for about a month or so right 🙂

  16. Beautiful!! What a relaxing room to spend time it. I love it! And that last picture is very cool, great photography.

  17. Katie – Such a beautiful room. You’ve definitely inspired me. Great job.


  18. Katie,
    Wow, what a transformation from sponge painting!
    Five other blog buddies and I are having an “Imagine the Impossibilities” challenge and link party where we have each challenged ourselves to complete one thing by January 31st that seems “Impossible”. We are inviting our readers to join the challenge as well.

    I’d love for you to check out my introductory post explaining what we are doing and have you link up your bedroom transformation!
    Mark your calendar for the Tuesday, Jan 31 link party!
    The following week, each of our 6 blogs will be featuring 5 favorites! Hope to see you there.
    Here’s the link to the challenge post:

  19. Really pretty!!! Love all the little details that just pop with the golds.

  20. this is a gorgeous bedroom! i had to pin 2 pics – the gallery wall and the crib mattress art dealio – how cool! love it love it love it! you did and AMAZING JOB!! i’m definitely a new follower!!

  21. This looks beautiful!! Congratulations on a wonderful job! very inspiring.

  22. OMGoodness! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your space! The funny part is that your space are the same colors of our master as well! Our walls are the brownish/peach color and the bedspread is the aqua/blue color. I was worried how the combo would look but am feeling better now that I have seen your room! 🙂

    Visiting from:

  23. This is a beautiful space! I am so inspired. Can’t wait to follow along and learn from you!

  24. Wow – amazing!! I love the muted, relaxing color palette. And I’m so jealous of your lovely sitting area with fireplace! I’d like to put an electric fireplace in our basement, it just seems so cozy. Your bathroom is gorgeous, too. It’s a shame that our bedrooms are one of the most neglected rooms in the house, just because other people don’t see them all the time!

    Found your link from the Homemaker on a Dime party. 🙂

  25. That is absolutely beautiful! I love everything about it….from your color palette to that khaki and white pillow….kudos to you! Thanks for joining our challenge!


  26. Beautiful room! Love it.

  27. enJOYing this post. Love the relaxing blue. My brain is in overdrive with so many ideas after seeing your bedroom. Found you via Serendipity and Spice’s Maniac Monday.

  28. simply gorgeous…I could move right into this relaxing room. I just completed a room redo of my own..come by and check it out at!

  29. Such a beautiful room! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Another great job!! I love the gallery wall, and your cozy spot is awesome.

  31. Wow. This looks very professional! Love it.

  32. I love so much about this! The layers on the bed, the mirrors in the bathroom, the collage…gorgeous! Stopping by from The Southern Institute

  33. Wow, each picture kept getting better than the next. I love all the creative elements you put in, especially the bed springs on the wall, love it. Your colors are lovely and the chandelier is gorgeous. Well done!

  34. It looks great! I love the colors you used and that gallery wall is gorgeous – great job!
    (Stopping by from The DIY Showoff linky party) 🙂

  35. Fan-freaking-tastic redo! Great job!

  36. Katie,
    Love your new room..awesome bed springs (I have the same ones in black and use them for display in my booth). Hop over on Monday to NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY because you have been featured…please feel free to grab my starfish featured button for your blog.


  37. It is always so amazing to me what people throw away! I love how you have taken “trash” and made it beautiful. I am one of your new loyal followers! When you have a chance come on by and check out my blog (and make sure to say hi!). If you like my blog, I would love it if you would follow me back! Cath @ Home is Where my Heart is:

  38. Such a beautiful job. I love everything that you have done in the room!

  39. Everything looks amazing. Your color palette is stunning. I’m in the middle of my master bedroom update and I can’t wait to get it finished! I’m a new follower! I hope you’ll follow me back!

  40. Your bedroom makeover is gorgeous. I would never want to leave you chair by the fireplace either. It feel so warm and comforting. You did an outstanding job, and should be very proud. Your attention to detail is what makes the room stand out, and an a budget. You excelled. Love the colors and also love you gold frame wall gallery. Thanks for sharing you creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best Par.tay!

  41. Beautiful bedroom, love how you did it all from thrift store and GW!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  42. You should be featured in home and garden or something. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Wow.

  43. Katie,
    Your new room is peaceful and restful…. I could see how leaving your chair in the morning would be hard!
    Dee Dee

  44. Very charming! You did a great job!

  45. I love your room…I want one! I am pinning you all over! Keep it up…Lori

  46. I LOVE it!! New follower coming over from Homemaker in Heels. Your bedroom colors are very close to mine. We moved into our house a year ago and our bedroom still has nothing on the walls, no curtains and no style what-so-ever. It’s sadly the last no the list of rooms to get done but thanks for the great ideas. I can’t wait for yard sale season again. The winter just kills me!

  47. It all looks so great! I love it. Especially the Union Jack. The bathroom looks great, too!

  48. Congrats on completing your “impossible” project. I’ll be linking up my sectional slipcover at the parties tomorrow and can’t wait to see all the other projects. Your bedroom & bathroom look amazing! I love all of the colors and accessories. So clever to hang three smaller mirrors in the bathroom. I’d love it if you’d share this at my Show & Tell linkup party and giveaway going on now @ the Delectable Home.

  49. It is so so pretty!!!! I have to makeover my room this year and yours is giving me some ideas – I especially like your color combos. The fireplace is super cute!

  50. Id love a room like this but I adopted ugly man furniture from the Mr…I swear one day he will come home and it will be gone so I can trandform it into something wonderful like this!!! How much do those fireplaces cost..I would love one in the livingroom and bedroom 🙂

  51. Wonderful room. I can see how it would be your favorite place! I love the color palette and the classic furnishing.

  52. Beautiful job, Katie! Wow! It looks like something out of a chic magazine, girl! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  53. It is stunning!!!! You did a fabulous job!

  54. Wow your house is gogeous! I hope you will link up with me here:

  55. Absolutely amazing. I love that you were budget minded, thrifty and down right WOW crafty! Pat yourself on the back.

  56. This looks beautiful! I love that junk wall art. Such a cute idea {and cheap ;)}.

    Love the chandelier in your room too!

  57. I LOVE your bedroom…yard sales…good will and Craig’s list…unbelievable…and unbeatable!
    I enjoyed this post very much…Great ideas!
    Stop by and visit sometime!

  58. Such a pretty and relaxing retreat! I love the color palette and the gallery wall you created. Well done!

  59. Beautiful job! I can’t believe most of your items are Good Will and Craigslist finds!

  60. Such an elegant room! So many great ideas, thanks for the inspiration!
    Cheers, Andrea

  61. Oh my goodness!!! I think I literally squealed when I saw this post! I love love love the style! The gold frames and collages you have on the walls. THE OWLS!!!! The feathers! The colors…everything is just awesome and has inspired me big time! I am a newlywed and we are slowly but surely decorating our home so this will be very helpful.

    I am your newest follower and I LOVE your blog! So glad I found it!

    <3 Michelle

  62. I have to say honestly, I love everything about your room! The chair, the wall art, the frames, the bathroom… LOVE! It turned out absoultely gorgeous!

    With love from another Impossibilities challenger,

  63. Beautiful! I love all your attention to detail!


  64. Love the new style, and redo! Thanks for linking it up at my linky party today!!!

  65. Your room is lovely, especially like the colors. I can tell you’ve been extremely busy getting your impossibility challenge together. I’ve become your newest follower.

  66. Just love everything about your master! The color palette is so inviting and calming. And I keep seeing you and your projects popping up all over the blogosphere!

    Thanks for taking on our challenge.


    • Thanks Linda, and thanks for hosting! I don’t think I would have gotten it done without the challenge! ….now we just need to have another challenge…maybe 1 a month to help me really get stuff done! lol


  67. Hello friend!

    I stopped be before to see your beautiful transformation….but I had to comment again! This is a beautiful room! You truly have accomplished your “impossible.”
    Thanks for participating in our party!

  68. My giddy aunt! What a lot of hard work you’ve put into creating such a beautiful room. I love your seating corner – and can just imagine how peaceful it is to sit there in the morning. It’s superb! Felicitations!

  69. Over from Eclectically Vintage….and WOWEE, you are amazeballs!
    Way to go on your sourcing and getting so many found/redone pieces
    together for such a gorgeous handmade makeover! We were seperated at birth.
    BTW. Great job!

  70. It is all COMPLETELY gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing at the Tuesday To Do Party!

  71. Your bedroom is gorgeous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  72. It is really, really beautiful! Good job!

  73. Your room is beautiful…restful and full of your individuality…I love it!

  74. I love how calming and personal it is! I’m you’re newest follower. I’d love it if you stopped by my blog sometime!


  75. LOVE IT ALL!! So many fun details. The chevron Carpe Diem – to die for…and your junk art wall, so beautifully accessorized! I love the owls, all of the white items, and LOVE the guitar! Just too fun all around.

    Thanks so much for joining the challenge!

  76. GORGEOUS!!! I love everything about it!

  77. You’ve inspired me to finish our master bedroom! 🙂 My wall color is almost the exact same color…breezy by sherwin williams.

    I just had our 5th child, and life is busy! 😉 But we’re building our own home, and I literally have lived in a construction zone for almost 2 yrs. So I related well with your post on living with things now finished! HA!

    Please come on over for a visit, I’ll be sure to bring my coffee next time I swing by. 🙂
    Blessings, Kris
    Our Thrifty Nest of 7

  78. OMG! I absolutely LOVE everything about this room! Congrats! It looks fabulous! I’m so proud of YOU! <3 from your newest follower and fellow {new} blogger :) Please check out my impossibility and follow back!


  79. What a warm and inviting space!

  80. Well done, everything is beautiful. ~Cindy

  81. Wow just found your blog…your house is BEAUTIFUL!!!


  82. Wow. I love your bedroom. The wall color is gorgeous. I also live in a town with “alphabet” houses. Also part of the Manhattan project. Oak Ridge, TN. I’ve been in many of them and they have so much character. Ours is a 60’s ranch, not an alphabet house. Kind of a small world, I guess!

  83. This is truly gorgeous. Can’t even imagine the green and blues walls with matching woodwork and ceilings! The floors are amazing, and the overall feel of the room is so restful and pretty. I love your style and the mix in of interesting, unexpected elements. I love using otherwise useful things like hanging guitars as decor.

  84. gorgeous and magazine worthy! love your wing chair in the corner and that repurposed crib mattress spring on the wall. way to go, tackling this all yourself and for implementing thrifty finds that look like they are so much more expensive!!

  85. Really, really pretty! Nice to finally get it done I bet. I love that you choose to be thrifty! That’s my favorite challenge…using creativity to make what I want instead of spending a bunch of money.

  86. This looks amazing!! I’m in the middle of redoing my bedroom. We love what you have done! Thanks for linking up with “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” We loved having you and hope you’ll be back next Saturday to share more terrific ideas! -The Sisters

  87. Gorgeous Bedroom and bathroom transformation! I have never visited your blog before, but I am so impressed by your projects. I am visiting via the Impossibility challenge. You definitely made the impossible possible. Nice job!

    Eldarose from

  88. What a fabulous job you’ve done on your bedroom. I love everything about it. I love the way you incorporated so many different elements and blended them so cohesively. I love the mattress springs on the wall. And the photo gallery. I’m visiting from Primp. Just signed on as your newest follower. I hope you can pop over to Cottage and Creek and follow back and enter my first ever Choose Joy Giveaway. I enjoyed my visit. Have a great week.

  89. Beautiful! I love the colors and the gallery wall as well as all the other accessories…so much to look at and enjoy for you as well as those of us who visit.

  90. WOW! I may be a little green right now… or a lot! 🙂 Beautiful.
    I’ve just started a link party devoted to projects inspired by pinterest.
    Very Pinteresting Party

    I’d love for you to come by and check it out!

  91. Your bedroom is Beautiful! I’m now a follower

  92. Yea! I love this room. Everything looks beautiful & you have some lovely thrifty finds in there! The room is HUGE & very nicely done 🙂

  93. I absolutely love it!


    PS. I’m having a great giveaway from Cutting Edge Stencils and would love it if you came by and entered 🙂

  94. Amazing transformation. Everything looks awesome. I love the corner with the chair and table. What a great spot to have devotions each day.

  95. Everything is beautiful, but that bathroom vanity leaves me speechless. Gorgeous!!

  96. Lots of wonderful ideas here, great job pulling it all together!
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  97. Such a lovely bedroom!
    And, I really like those 2 candlesticks stick together!
    So simple, so pretty.

    Can you believe there are so many of us “Impossible” gals out there?

    ~ Dana
    Cooking at Cafe D
    “Jimmy John’s Kitchen” Project

  98. Stunning! Can I please sit in the little cozy chair with my coffee? I love the color scheme, love the bathroom, love every little detail in your bedroom. Amazing. Thanks so very much for sharing! High Five Lady! -Jen
    p.s. I am a new follower and can’t wait to see what else is going on here! 🙂

  99. What a beautiful makeover! I love the colors you chose!! It looks so peaceful! I can just imagine how wonderful devotions & blogging would be in that chair…just heaven!

  100. YOur room is lovely – serene and peaceful and DONE! I’m like you and have a partly finished master bedroom and it has been that way for several years.

  101. Oh Katie, I can’t take it….I’m so jealous!! I SO want to do my master, but you’re right. The master gets put off. But, wow, this was worth the wait, don’t you think?? It looks like it came straight from a magazine! I love the wall color and the gold accents. I love the chair in the corner. I love the union jack-inspired pillow. I love it all!! 🙂

    Thanks for linking this up!! I already know it’ll be grabbing a feature on Wednesday!

  102. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  103. Your finished product is beautiful! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

  104. Wow! You did an outstanding job…definitely magazine worthy. I just love all of the unique details. Kristen

  105. Oh wow, Katie! Every detail is awesome. The DIY and personality and STYLE in this room is gorgeous! I love it! Super job! I’m so inspired!

  106. What an amazing job you did on everything! It looks so lovely and calming! Thank you so much for sharing this at my link party!

  107. Hopping on over from No Minimalist Here – love your bedroom reveal! Absolutely beautiful! 🙂


  108. Simply beautiful – you did a fabulous job! I featured you today in my Friday I’m In Love favorites!

    – Jenn @ Social Salutations

  109. Absolutely gorgeous! Warm and inviting! Stopping by from Making Lemonade.

  110. It’s fabulous! Love the drapes and lighting!

  111. Found you at Whipperberry. This is AMAZING and I LOVE the colors! New follower.

  112. What a beautiful room and it’s nice to know that it didn’t come together in a 30 minute HGTV spot! I love HGTV, but we all need to be reminded that it’s okay to take the time to put it together. Thanks for being one of those voices.

  113. This is a wonderful reveal! I love your master bedroom, especially that chandy!
    Thank you for linking to my party. I will be featuring your bedroom in a post.

  114. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Love it! My husband even just walked by as I was looking at your post and he said, “Ooohh…that’s pretty”! 🙂

  115. I know you’ve heard this from other comments but I just have to tell you again how amazing this room, this creative art, this vision of your heart dazzles me. It’s perfect and I love your creativity!!

  116. Katie, just a head’s up that I’m including a link back in this week’s DIY Show Off highlights. 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  117. Gorgeous. You’ve done an incredible job. Hugs, Marty

  118. Stunning! Belongs in a magazine. You are amazing!

  119. Your room came out so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them at my party!

  120. This is so elegant and beautiful! It was the most viewed link from last week’s party! I featured you today.

  121. What an amazing makeover!! I love that you were able to do such a beautiful job and not have to go to a high-end store to make it happen. A woman after my own heart!! Will continue to follow you, cannot wait to see what is next!

  122. Super pretty, love the colors that you selected. Smiles, Paula

  123. Wow! What a tranquil and beautiful bedroom.. love it! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can’t wait to see what you share next!

  124. This is seriously gorgeous! You’re going to make the regulars list for my feature posts!!

  125. Would you please come over and remodel my bedroom and bathroom? Thanks!

  126. Love your makeover! The relaxing colors and personal details really work. Also love your blog header…so cute!

  127. You are featured at New Nostalgia’s Anti-Procrastination Tuesday! Thank you for linking up!!

  128. You could probably make a living doing this for others. I know I’d hire you if you were in my neighborhood! I never get anything that looks like House Beautiful! Just House Functional. LOL

  129. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful room! It is one of this week’s List Makers!! Feel free to stop by and grab a feature button! Looking forward to seeing what you link up this week!

  130. What a lovely reveal! I am in love with your room! I wish my master was done- I am so jealous!! Great job, girl!

  131. Wow! I love it. I can’t believe you did so much with thrifted or yard sale finds. Very inspiring. 🙂

  132. Wow, this is beautiful! You inspire me. 🙂

  133. Seriously, it is beautiful. I am amazed with the bed spring! Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  134. Wow! Beautiful Room, Love the Chandy!

  135. Oh my goodNESS!! What an amazing room! I don’t think I would ever leave. I would start naming off all the things I love about it but that would take A. LOT. of space. LOVE it all. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday!

  136. Fantastically, wonderfully amazing, sweet friend! I’m so excited for you to have a finished bedroom (mine’s in the throes of unfinished neglect, unfortunately).

    Will definitely be featuring this this week! : )

  137. Anonymous says:

    I love your bedroom Katie! It is absolutely gorgeous! The color is just so soothing… I need it, haha!! You don’t happen to remember the name do you? I saw a similar color on an HGTV special a few years ago, but have never run across a close match when shopping for samples. It’s just beautiful… almost a silvery, gray-blue. You did such a wonderful job 🙂


  138. Just gorgeous, thanks so much for linking up to Vintage Inspiration Friday, love the branch with the birdie!!

  139. I, like so many others, just LOVE your room reveal!! I featured it today on Link It Up Thursday. Fell free to stop by and grab a button if you would like.

  140. Katie! So fun to see this featured at Days of Chalk and Chocolate! I still love every details.
    And, I got on signed up on the new linky tool It’d be great if you wanted to come by and follow me back!

  141. This is so gorgeous! Thank you so much for linking up to Fabulous Friday. I featured you today.

  142. i can see how you could stay in your bedroom forever. I would too 🙂

  143. I found your blog from the feature on 5 Days/5 Ways, and just about spit out my drink when I read “alphabet houses”! I’m Richland born and raised (3rd generation Bomber!), and have lived in an F and a B house in my lifetime. Amazing what a “small world” this internet can be sometimes!

    • Wonderful! It is a small world! lol. These houses are old, but built well and still have some character. If you read the comments above, there was someone else who commented that she also lived in a government built alphabet house in another part of the country. Her town was also built for bomb construction about the same time! So interesting!


    • Forgot to mention…I think the F houses are my favorite. From the outside anyways 🙂

  144. I love this space. It looks so relaxing.

  145. Fabulous! If you don’t mind my asking…what is the lovely paint color on your walls here?

  146. Thank you Ella, I am not sure of the paint color, unfortunately. It was a paint that was miss-paint, and I mixed it with another paint.


  147. You can certainly see your skills in the paintings you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

  148. Hi there very cool blog!! Man .. Excellent .. Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionally?I am satisfied to seek out a lot of useful info here in the put up, we need work out extra techniques on this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  149. Hi katie, I just found your yarned lamp shade via pinterest and LOVED it! so I starte clicking around your blog, found this post and I am IN love with your bedroom! It looks amazing girl! Im super inspired to go makeover our bedroom now thanks! xo Jenn

  150. You room is lovely. I, too, have those odd, super wide, and short windows behind my bed. I only have three children and can barely find the time to do much of anything, I don’t know how you accomplish all of this with five children. Great job!

    • Hi Christine! I’m great at doing projects, but in all honesty, my house is usually a disaster. It’s something I’m always trying to get myself to do better on. No one can do it all! 🙂 Have a great rest of the week!


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