Inexpensive Tips on Bedroom Focal Walls

Remember all my posts on my Master Bedroom Makeover? There was one post where I shared how I created my Master Bedroom Focal Wall inexpensively.
Well, this is Chloe’s bedroom focal wall, and here are some ways I decorated her wall inexpensively.
1. I love a dramatic bedroom focal wall, so I will usually use large art.
I created this Whimsical Branch Wall Art, by using branches, sparkly stars and some sunburst mirrors I found at a yard sale. This art involves layering, which can be an inexpensive way to add drama. Find an inexpensive large item…and layer smaller items in it.
2. Find something to make a headboard out of.
I’ve seen people use branches, pallets, material, curtains, you name it and it can be used as a headboard. I found this old door in my attic rafters when I moved in. It was a pretty good find! I put a little green paint in some water and added a little green to it, being mindful not to paint over the exposed wood. I polyurathaned it a couple times to avoid chipping paint.
3. Using chairs as bedside tables.
It’s yard sale season! Chairs can be cheap!
I happen to find these two antique chairs at yard sales for about 3$ each. Pretty easy project. I just recovered the seats!
Perfect for a little girl’s room!
4. The lamps and shades came in a box set at Walmart. I think the set was $15. Found them a couple years back.
5. I love an extra blanket at the bottom of a bed. Lately, I’ve been buying any thrift store quilted blanket, in creme or white, that I come across that are less than $5.  A little bleach, and hot water and they can add some inexpensive texture to a space. This one was $3 at a local thrift store.
6. The brown pillow shams and comforter were a bed in a bag at Walmart. I bought them 5 years ago, when I thought this would be a guest room. It was on clearance and at the time, and brown and green were big. I can’t say I love it at this point, but it works.
7. The white shams were from a yard sale.
8. Fun pillows.
Every bed needs some good pillows. Pillow can set the style of a room. To keep it inexpensive, I use high quality fabric for only the pillow fronts, and I use less expensive fabric for the backs. Reason being, the prints I like are usually more expensive 🙁
I actually bought the pillow fabric for a different room, where it TOTALLY didn’t work. It was a splurge, so I was really glad we worked in this room!
The orange pillow I sewed and dressed up by using vintage gold buttons that were also from a yard sale.
(the arrow shows the less expensive material on the back of the pillow)
9. An accent wall.
Love em’ or hate em’, accent walls add to a space. This one happened to be painted when my sister moved into this room, 4 years ago, but I really love all the stenciled accent walls that people are doing lately. It’s an inexpensive way to add some drama to a space.
10. The bed skirt is from clearance at Walmart. I found it for $5. It was a king, and the bed is a queen, but the bed is on risers (for under the bed storage purposes), so it fits perfectly.
11. My last tip is on layering. Layering adds interest and drama (unless you’re going for a mod minimalist look).  Notice I have 9 layers alone from the rug to the headboard.
So there it is….for using supplies I had around the house, and putting it together in a half day, I think it turned out pretty good!
My only questions is:
 How do you get those flopping pillow edges to stay up? I have them on both of these shams. They are sort of driving me crazy! Let me know if you have any cool ideas!
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  1. I love your branch art! The room looks awesome. I wish I could do something like that in my room!

  2. Oh I love it. It’s all so well put together. Great tips!

  3. Katie….. you would think that after all the thrift stores you dragged me to, some of your thrifty genius would of rubbed off. Too bad for me. You are so talented. I am not surprised though, you have always been this way and happy the rest of the word can see what you can do with literally “junk”. Cheering you on, love you. Your friend, Mo

    • haha! Do you remember spending the night in my black and white checkered bedroom during our teen years?! lol! Well, I know Rick would love it if I brought up some junk to your place and started hanging it on the walls! Thanks though….miss ya!

  4. I saw this before when you posted about the branch on the wall. It just looks better and better every time. GREAT job! xo Diana

  5. I think it turned out great too! I’m still loving that branch! Thanks for the tip on the pillows too. I never thought about using less expensive fabric on the back!

  6. Cute ideas Katie!! Love the bedspread xox

  7. I wish you could come up and decorate my house. I’m sure you have loads of extra time after 5 kids, home schooling, and all your “projects”. Not sure about those pillow corners either, it too drives me crazy. Not even using an extra puffy pillow helps.

    • I keep telling Carinn that I’ll sell this place, and just move into a camper and drive around decorating my friends houses. lol You’ll have to have a lot of wild kids running around in your yard when we come! haha


  8. I’d call that more than ‘pretty good’. I’d call it full of texture and style! The edges of the shams have to be padded, inside, to stop them from being floppy. I read that on a sewing site. Great job! ~ Maureen

  9. This is such a sweet room! Great job pulling it together and so quickly!

  10. I love all the layers to put in this room!! Thanks for the great tips! I need to begin looking for some of those white blankets at thrift stores! xox

    • Between yard sales and thrift stores, I’ve found 3! One was knitted, and thick and looks really cool. It works great as a throw, and two are quilted and work well at the ends of beds. I can’t believe how inexpensive and in great shape they are.

  11. Ah, so this was the focal wall you were talking about! I never would have thought of this- I don’t think I’m creative enough! I bet your daughter loves it- super, super awesome!
    xo Becca

    • Thanks Becca! You are more than creative enough! I’m going to have to message you on gmail. I need to pick your brain on a rug problem I’m having. I need your creative smarts!

  12. What an absolutely gorgeous room! That wall art is so unique! It looks perfect. Megan

  13. I love Chloe’s room! The headboard is my favorite! Love old doors! You did an awesome job layering the room!

  14. These are great tips. I have to admit that the “master bedroom” is the one area of our house that just never gets spruced up. Hopefully I can put your tips to good use and finally decorate a room for me. Love the pillows!

  15. So many ideas i should work on. I need to figure out a great way to do an accent wall.:)

  16. What a big girl room for Chloe! She was just tiny last we saw here!

  17. So stylish as always!

  18. It’s amazing! I love the idea of chairs as night stand/ bed side tables!! Very creative!

  19. Oh my word, you are incredibly creative! I am completely blown away with all your great thrift/yard sale finds. If you were close, I’d snatch you up as my thrifting buddy because I desperately need a friend who gets as excited as I do. Brilliant ideas, beautiful colors, and such a homey room. New follower here. (I found you over at Spotlight Saturdays on Classy Clutter.)

  20. How beautiful! -Marci

  21. I’m redoing my master too–but it’s taking me longer than an afternoon! (visiting from i heart naptime)

  22. Awesome tips! Beautiful rooms. I will be featuring this at

  23. Katie, what a super cool idea. Maybe you need to come over and give me ideas for mine. Haha! I’m stuck on the duvet. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. My room is cursed, I always get stumped. You’re awesome!

  24. I just love how everything turned out! I would like to know how you attached the branches to the wall? It looks so cool!

  25. I love how everything pulls together perfectly!!

  26. Very pretty ideas, and I love that they were all low cost–well done!

  27. Great job! Thanks so much for sharing! ~Tammy

  28. Love this project! Have you linked it up with me yet at Wow Us Wednesday?

  29. This is gorgeous! Love it! Thanks for linking up to “Strut Your Stuff Saturday!” We hope to see you again! -The Sisters

  30. Always come up with such unique ideas for things. It’s beautiful! Wish I can make a wall art like that to on my condo. 🙂
    condo philippines

  31. So gorgeous – I love the look of this bedroom. My favorite is the headboard. Thanks for this inspiration! I’m pinning this. I’m so glad you linked up at Romance on a dime!

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