The Park….I Mean the Yard.

This is …..The Yard.
This is the reason I don’t usually blog during the summer.
This is one thing I love and don’t love about this house.
I am not a “yard person”.
This yard and I have a love-hate relationship,…
but now that many of the big projects are done….
…it’s more on the love-end.
This is a play-house that a friend offered us sight un-seen.
After I said, “sure, I’ll take your broken down playhouse”, I started thinking, what did I just say yes to?
Yes, my husband was about to shoot me.
Obviously, I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be this kind of playhouse!
It was in pieces and the colors of the Red Hat Society when we brought it home,
but with the help of a friend and some paint, it’s been a really fun addition to the yard.
The garden…
Never mind that it needs more weeding.
There is really only so much time in a day.
This was a dirt patch when we first moved in. Nothing but weeds.
This is a view from the river walk area that sits directly behind our house.
When we first moved in, there were too many trees and weeds to even see the house from the walk!
I can’t really believe how much it’s changed. (I wish I would have taken before pictures!)
There are two flagstone raised areas around the huge Sycamore trees. This helps hide their gigantic roots that pop up through the grass.
This one below provides a place to sit and have tea, the other one usually hosts a hammock.
The lilys are from my husband’s family farm.
They were taken from a homestead that burned down that dated back to the late 1800’s.
The other raised area.
The garden shed.
  I painted this garden shed and added the baskets of flowers, the star and the flagstone walk.
This shed was brown and white originally.
This area had bark through it when we moved in.
We have planted A LOT of grass…
…yet our three boys still seem to find dirt.
Hmmm, funny how that is.
This is our pergola/firepit area (firepit to the side, not pictured)
This used to be dirt and weeds.
The previous owners parked their boat and truck here.
If you look at the upper left hand top of the pergola, you can see our outdoor movie screen rolled up.
It’s actually an old screen from a school, but it works perfect for our outdoor projector.
The pergola doubles as our outdoor theater.
So that’s about it.
I’m sad I never took any before pictures.
However I’m enjoying the after….
…maybe not all the weeding that’s still involved,
but the fire pit sitting, hammock napping,
movie watching, and sports playing that it gives.


  1. What an amazing yard yard you have – even with out the before pictures you can tell a lot of work has gone into it!

  2. Wow, so beautiful Katie!!!

  3. Wow, Katie, it’s gorgeous! What a fabulous place you’ve created for your boys to spend their summers!

  4. Oh Katie! That is just a gorgeous yard! I know what you mean about the love/hate…..takes me 4 hours to mow my yard and another 3 to mow the creek area.

  5. get out! this is gorgeous! a lovely mix of different space and sun & shade – oh I’m jealous! but in a nice, friendly way 🙂 xo

  6. Beautiful backyard, it is like your very own little retreat

  7. Οh my Gosh Katie! This yard is dreamy! I can picture myself in that lovely yard sipping a cold coffee, relaxing with a book and the kids playing around! You’re a lucky girl!

  8. Katie, I love your yard. Thanks for showing it to me.

  9. That playhouse is awesome! I had a playhouse when my family lived in Alabama, and it had electricity and was painted the same color as the real house. But it wasn’t as nice as yours! I want something like that for my daughter when she’s older.

  10. I would kill for this yard. That playhouse would become a chicken coop with an attached run. I’d have half the space used for raised beds and vegetable gardening. Wow, what potential! I love your pergola!

  11. I love your yard! I know it’s a lot of work, but it’s just fantastic. That playhouse is wonderful and I love that it matches your house. Love the red star. I have a big one, but it’s just sitting in the garage. Doesn’t quite go with my house….when I see how cute it is on your house, I really want to get it up and on the house! Great yard!

  12. Gorgeous yard lady and I want your pergola. I love that you have a screen for outdoor movies that is so cool! Kids must love it!

  13. What a glorious piece of the planet you have there – such a pleasure just to look at…..B:)

  14. Oh. My. Gosh. Um, wow! Your yard is so fantastic!! I know you said it was on the river walk- but this is to die for. Geese- well enjoy it!!
    xo Becca

  15. You have a lovely yard! I am definitely a yard person and love spending as much time as I can’t digging in the dirt! Stopping by from Wow Us Wednesday.

  16. Your yard is just beautiful. 🙂 Megan

  17. Don’t you just love how some kids can find dirt to dig in wherever they go? My 4 year old is like that. I just buy lots of laundry detergent.

    How fun to have the screen on the pergola! What a great idea!

  18. Everything you did in the yard, looks great! Love the pergola too!

  19. It is always fun to look back at what we have done, and realize we have made a great difference in a yard. You guys have done well. My husband recently did a slideshow for our anniversary and in it were pictures of the house and yard….wow…it is nice to look back. Start taking lots of pictures now and keep them…it is never too late….

  20. What a sweet little playhouse and free as well, can;t get better than that!

  21. Absolutely beautiful. I am jealous you have such a large yard!

  22. I am green with envy, no pun intended 😉

  23. so pretty! i have grass under my deck right now and want to do a floor kind of like your pergola area!

  24. Wow…looks great! I love the pergola with the movie screen…great idea 🙂 Laurel

  25. Jealous fo sho…the work has paid off. I can totally see myself enjoying that “park.”

  26. Your yard really is a park and an absolutely gorgeous one at that 🙂

  27. Wow, Katie! What a blessing to have all of that yard surrounding your house. It must be so quiet and peaceful! I love your curved beds, the stonework, and your pergola. Just beautiful!!! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  28. Wowzers – that is AMAZING ! What a gorgeous piece of property you have – I can’t even imagine the amount of work that goes into the upkeep – but it is so worth it!


  29. Love the pergola area, very beautiful!

  30. Pretty, pretty! Not everyone has a park as lovely as yours! Thank you for sharing it at Potpourri Friday!

  31. Your backyard is gorgeous! I’m so glad you linked up this week and showed it off. It’s like something out of a magazine! Gorgeous!

  32. Wow. Just wow. Your yard is stunning. I can see how it’s soooo much work but it’s so lovely, it’s worth it. First visit to your blog and I LOVE it.

  33. Such a pretty space! We have a shed out ba k and I am totally going to try to cuteness it up like you did! Love! Love the idea of the projector screen outside for movies! What do you project them with?

  34. It’s wonderful! I’m jealous!

  35. So jealous because I love the space but wouldn’t put enough effort into it! It looks amazing!

  36. Holy cow that looks like a lot of work! But it’s beautiful! The little playhouse is adorable… and if someone offered me one sight unseen I’d take it too! And the metal shed you painted looks great! I never would have thought to paint one! And all the little sitting areas are so fun! Great job!


  37. Looks wonderful! Your yard is gorgeous and I too like that little darling playhouse!
    have a great weekend and be a sweetie,
    shelia 🙂

  38. Your yard is stunning! Lovin the playhouse (and a little jealous)! Have a great weekend!

    Take care,


  39. Truly lovely! I hate when I don’t take before pictures or when they somehow get deleted from the camera…. the play house my daughter would love….we had one we had gotten for free at our last home but it was WAY to heavy to move and moving states away meant it had to stay put. So we’re on the look out for a new one to redo! 🙂

  40. oh my goodness your yard is sooooo lovely! such wonderful outdoor spaces. great job!

  41. How awesome! I love that pergola!

  42. You have a gorgeous yard! It does look like a park! The playhouse is a dream as is the pergola/movie theater! So lovely!

  43. Your hard work has sure payed off…AND excellent score on that adorable playhouse!

  44. Beautiful yard!

  45. You have such a gorgeous outdoor space to enjoy with your family this summer! I wouldn’t even know where to start with all the different areas to your yard. I love the raised rock walls and the play shed is so darling!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  46. I’m having yard envy right now. Ours is pretty tiny so I’m looking forward to the day when we get a bigger one. Stopping by from Tatertots & Jello weekend wrapup.

  47. BEAUTIFUL !! All that shade and space looks like a slice of Heaven on Earth to me 🙂

  48. It IS a park! And I want to live in that play house.

  49. Wow, wow, wow! I don’t know how you’re able to post at all in the summer but that yard and all your touches are just beautiful. Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina.

  50. You are soooo right…. Your yard IS park-like…
    Very nice….

  51. Love your pergola and it looks a lot like mine. Wow and outdoor theater…that amazing.

  52. Your yard and house are just beautiful. I wish we had that much of grass, we have a lot of land but its all woods. Also what a great playhouse! Thank you for sharing this at my link party.

  53. Your yard is stunning! I LOVE it! I confess I am a little jealous – my yard is so tiny!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  54. You did an amazing job. It is just lovely.

  55. What a gorgeous yard! No wonder you are out there all the time. Enjoy it!

  56. What a lovely big yard Katie. Thanks for linking up at Shabbiliious Friday

  57. I am in love with your beautiful yard! I can totally relate to a love/hate relationship with your yard. I find yard work equal parts rewarding and torture!!!

  58. Beautiful… and I am a teen bit jealous. 🙂 Just kidding. Love it, very beautiful.

  59. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday – you were featured today!!

  60. I love your backyard. Movie nights must be extra special.


  61. Katie, this is a wonderful place! If this was my yard I would go out in the morning and not resurface until bedtime. I would definitely need an outdoor shower area! I can tell how much work you have put in to it – even without the before pictures. Mr Quirky IS a yard person and he would die for this much grass. I keep stealing the grass for gardens.

  62. Katie……. OMG, a movie screen, pergola, playhouse! That definitely = PARK! Love it all.
    Thank you for linking it up to Hot Fun in the Summertime, I could really have some fun there, even digging in the dirt with your boys.


  63. Your yard is a dream! You’ve done so great with it, too! I’m really impressed! XO, Aimee

    • Thanks Aimee,
      This is the first summer that it is more enjoyment than work. Every year (as the big projects get crossed off), it becomes more enjoyable. lol

      This will be summer 5.


  64. Now that is one HUGE yard!! Beautiful but I would not want to have to cut all that grass!
    I LOVE that sweet playhouse! Just the perfect addition to your gorgeous yard!


  65. Katie!! WOW! Your PARK — and let’s call it that..because really that what it is– IS BEAUTIFUL! Your shed- what a great fun transformation! Your garden- amazing! I Love everything about your Park!! 🙂

  66. Your yard is amazing. It looks like a wonderful place to relax! Thanks so much for sharing at Fabulous Friday!

  67. Ummm…this is gorgeous. I live in an apartment and I’m green with envy!! It’s so pretty!! I’m featuring this tonight at the link party!! Thanks so much for linking up!!


  68. Love, love, love, that pergola! If you don’t mind me asking, what are the dimensions and the cost? I’m not trying to be nosy, it’s just that I want one! Really, really, want one! I love them! And I would love for my husband (with my help) to build me one! See where I’m going here?

  69. A lot of work indeed to keep up that garden, but worth it just the same, so beautiful. You are being featured this evening at Alderberry Hill!

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