Living Room Reveal

Welcome to the Living Room!
* Warning: This room has been a major DIY fest, which makes this a picture and link heavy post!
The Before….
Good ol’ wood paneling! Um…anyone get the black light and the glowing green cups?
These next two pics were taken right after we moved in and I had refinished the hardwood floors. We had an unauthorized military move from HI to WA and so I sold most everything we owned before I moved. Storing things in HI, and moving things across the Pacific cost WAY too much. So I kept only a few things over there during my husband’s 15mo deployment.
This picture is on here for you to remember the couch. It’s recoverd in all the after pictures.
The After…
I refinished the hardwoods before we moved in…basically 3 weeks of working really late nights! I would wait until my kids were asleep at my parent’s, drive through Starbucks and come out to this house and work LATE!
Once I tore the carpet out, I realized some of the wood was missing, so it took much longer than expected to finish the floors.
DIY TIP: I purchased professional sealer and finish from a business in town that professionally refinishes hardwood floors. It was spendy, but thousands less than having a pro refinish them, and more durable than basic polyurethane. I wanted all of that hard work to last!  (I now know why they charge so much to refinish hardwood floors! Trust me…they earn their money!)
This is the same couch in the before picture! I tore off the skirt and my mom, sister, and I recovered it in corduroy. It has (surprisingly) held up really well for the past 4.5 yrs! I recovered all the pillows, and added trim to the lamps. The lamp bases I found at a yard sale. The coffee table I painted brown. It was originally a honey oak and was purchased off Craigslist. You can see the side tables in my before pic too. They were originally honey oak. I painted them with a gloss black lacquer.
Five years ago, when I started on this room, I pulled together yard sale and Goodwill items and what I had been given and made it all “work”. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t me. I decided to go from my original green, red and brown, to this gray, white, black and yellow color scheme that you see now (with a few pops of teal). I made the change about a year ago, and I choose to keep the wall color, the curtain material and some of the brown furniture because I had a million other projects going on and I had only so much time!
This picture shows a great layout of the room, and how the office is attached to it. You also get a shot of the entryway. This picture also has made me decide to ask for a tri-pod for my birthday! Tired of long shot fuzziness!
Here is a clearer shot of the office. The square framed mirrors are from the dollar store. A great way to make a big impact is to purchase 9 smaller items and arrange them in a big square.  You can also see the Joining Wall  here. The twine chest someone gave me when I was buying something else from them off Craigslist. It’s now the toy box.
The chairs I purchased at the Goodwill. I LOVE the fabric, but it is old and they eventually will need to be recovered. To hide their age I made the bike and music note linen pillows. I feel they brighten the chairs and distract from their age, yet people still notice the fabric. To all of you who have asked for the bike pillow tutorial it is now linked above for you!
For accessories, I used whatever I had. This is a vintage “bowl ?” I found, painted it yellow, distressed it and added rose pinecones. I also painted a couple picture frames, added some fabric flowers, and recovered pillows to bring in the yellow and teal.
The piano I found for FREE on Craigslist. …of course it cost me $100 to have it moved into my house…ugh…, but overall, a fantastic find. I recovered the bench.
 The frame of silhouettes is another repeated idea in my house, where I take a large frame and put smaller frames inside, to make big, but inexpensive wall art. You can see another example in my entryway.  The willow branches were from my neighbor, who’s son is a landscaper. You can also see the blanket basket. Blanket baskets are a must have in any room with a couch!
Another sign made out of baseboard. I figured this was a good saying for the living room… “Love each other as I have love you. John 13:34”  Other baseboard-word signs can be found in my nursery. The candle holders I found at Hobby Lobby on clearance. I added the nautical touches for summer. I figure I’ll change them out seasonally.
I always have flowers from my yard, and these wicker balls in this wooden tray (I purchased the tray at a friend’s yardsale.) The balls I keep there because they are interesting and they can stand being thrown on the floor by my one year old! (one of her favorite pass-times).  I found the wicker balls at a local grocery store. I waited until they were on super clearance, (guessing that not too many people would be buying wicker balls at a grocery store), and then bought way too many of them!
I love a good reading corner. The vintage chair is from a yardsale. The lamp and the stand are from Craigslist, and you can find the tutorial from the wine jug and jute HERE.  All the ottomans in this room are from yard sales. The art is hard to see here, but it’s marble art I made with my son. It’s cool and FREE and you can see the tutorial HERE. Keep in mind it was posted before I blogged for anyone but friends and family. Meaning the pics are crap-ola.
My dad gave me some beans in this sack to make chili. I made some gathered ribbon out of teal material, and sewed it on the sack to help bring in some teal to the living room. I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite pillow in this room.
Do you remember those 60’s shelves? I took them apart and made my own shelving by adding straight shelves. I wanted them to look vintage and cottagy. The awesome vintage cabinet is the first piece of furniture I found here. It was sitting on someone’s yard with a sign that said $5!
I love that the shelves originally had the wood paneling behind them. When painted, it gives a cottagey feel.
So there it is….I’ve painted everything from the ceiling to the floor in this room. We had an electrician add recessed lighting. I added faux trim (tutorial HERE). I tore out the carpet and refinished the hardwoods. I updated the pull curtains by adding trim to the top and fabric at the bottom, and I’ve mentioned most of the decorative finds. If I didn’t you can bet there were DIYed or found from a yardsale or the GW.
Hope you enjoyed the tour.



  1. Amazing transformation Katie! I’m floored by the difference and that piano! Xx

  2. I’m speechless. That is just stunning and I only got about 50 ideas from you in just this one post! I really need to start looking at Craigs List! Love that pillow from the beans, the yard sale vintage cabinet was a total score at $5! The recovered couch is so beautiful. Well, I just love it all and I’ll be revisiting this post from time to time for more inspiration. (Vasoline Glass???)

    • Thanks Danni! That makes me feel really good! Hope you are having a great summer. Vasoline Glass…you mean that bowl? It’s metal, but I’m going to have to google Vasoline Glass now 🙂 Sounds cool!


  3. Wow! What a transformation! It looks gorgeous!

  4. Your living room looks amazing. I love all of your DIY projects and your thrifty Craigslist furniture makeovers.

  5. My jaw dropped going from that before to the after!! What a stunning space you’ve created, Katie, and I love your finds and clever transformations! Wonderful job!

  6. Gorgeous! It is so chic and comfortable!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am floored by your talented, you inspire the rest of us to get painting and crafting ! Its warm and inviting, lets have coffee 🙂

  8. A pretty darn amazing transformation. So many fun ideas and all on a budget (my favorite)!

  9. that is so beautiful! it’s like a different house! i love the colors you used! bravo!

  10. Danni is right about the glowing glass being Vasoline Glass. When you put it in black light it will glow like that. Beautiful room!! It is amazing what you can do when you have a little time and some Starbucks coffee!!

  11. Girl, that is truly amazing. Love it all.

  12. Wow, Katie! This space would certainly be a place that I would want to spend a lot of time relaxing with family and friends. You’ve done an amazing job transforming this room with many MANY special touches!

    Fingers crossed that someone snatches it up soon 🙂

  13. Wow! that is amazing. i would never even guess that was the same room.. It doesn’t even look like it was built in the same era! You did a great job, and it is really really beautiful. I love it.

  14. So much inspiration packed into one post! So many things I love in the room.

  15. Τhis is a great transformation! And I love all the details in the room!

  16. Katie- What an amazing, amazing transformation! It doesn’t even look like the same place/space. You did an absolutely wonderful job- xo Diana

  17. Katie, you are absolutely amazing! It is so inspiring to see all the details and know that they are DiY-able. This is packed with so many great ideas, and the room is beautiful. Thank you for the tour!!
    <3 Christina

  18. I am really impressed! I love everything you’ve done! Wish you could come help me with my home!

  19. Oh, Katie, your living room is beautiful! You have done an amazing job with your transformation. The floors are gorgeous and I love your color combinations.
    Mary Alice

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  21. Wow! Great job!! There’s so much inspiration in your pictures. I’m really impressed!! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  22. What an awesome transformation. I love all of the changes you made. I’m sure it was a labor of love.

  23. I just don’t know where to start! I see so many favorites in your room!
    I love the piano! The basket, the vintage cupboard, the everything!

  24. love, love, love!!!! i can’t believe the before/after. great, great job! what a beautiful room!

  25. what an awesome look

    come see me at

  26. This room is unbelievably gorgeous! It looks professionally decorated! You did an amazing job with the floors, the couch, and everything 🙂

  27. Amazing tranformation! I love all the little details. So gorgeous.

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    You can find me at I share a mini room makeover I did for under $100!

  31. Well done! Your floors are impressive and I love the charm of all of the pieces you’ve used in this room it really tells a story!

  32. Fantastic. I love the colours you used, the DIY bean burlap pillow, and the little vignettes you have arranged around the room.

  33. What a really tremendous difference! Wowsa!

  34. Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow! I mean it looks like a completely different house! I love how bright and fresh it is compared to how it was. You did an amazing job.
    Just so you know I featured you today on Show Off Saturday!

  35. You are amazing! What an incredible transformation.

  36. That can’t be the same room!! It looks AMAZING! Like two completely different places. I love everything about it. The colors, the furniture, the rug… everything! I just pulled my husband over here to show him {to try to get him motivated to fix our own house} the before and after pics. He responded, “That’s not the same house! That looks crazy good!” He has a way with words doesn’t he? He rarely cares about things like this, so you should take that as a gigantic compliment 🙂 And I checked out those wine jug and jute bottles, those are too cute! 🙂 I would love if you shared this {and your other amazing projects… like the bottles *hint hint*} at my Throwback Thursday party {it runs through Sunday night}. I hope to see you there! Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous room!

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  38. Beautiful!

  39. Great transformation and love the retro chairs.

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  41. Looks lovely! I love the new brightness and the piano and pillows 🙂

  42. Wood Trays
    Great article. Thanks for sharing information. I have visited it earlier.

  43. What an amazing transformation! Want that piano!!

  44. Stunning transformation! Beautiful job.

    Elisabeth@Simply Parkers

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    Thanks for sharing!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

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  47. Wonderful! Doesn’t look like the same room. Love your accents…you have some interesting pieces. My husband was career military so I know all the challenges of moving. But you’ve really made this room welcoming. Gail (

  48. OMG…I am totally blown away. Your new living room looks like it came out of better homes and gardens!

  49. Wow, that’s a great change!! You have done such a great job! Love it! Liz

  50. Wonderful transformation – you have really worked hard!

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  53. Wowzer what a transformation! I wouldn;t even have thought it was the same room. Job well done! I love your lamps and color scheme.

  54. Unbelievable, Katie! Same room? lol

    You did an amazing job! WOW! I love all of your DIY touches throughout the room – it’s stunning!

  55. This room is really gorgeous!! You are a pro DIYer. Always so inspiring!!

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  57. love it all =)

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    A beautiful transformation. The paint over the wood paneling and the addition of the crown molding go a long way! I also love the use of patterns on the arm chairs.

    William Moynihan


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