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Hello everyone!
This is a late night, eyes half opened post. I’m STILL CLEANING! How can I possibly get a house ready to put on the market for 2 weeks, at 10 (at least) hrs/day and STILL be cleaning it? How on earth am I not finished yet!? I am sort of in disbelief about how long this has taken!
Well, it’s really not just cleaning (or so I’m finding out). I forgot quarter round in the boys room. I forgot to paint the cupboards in the reading nook. I am once again, reminded that dirty baseboards take some time to touch up! My husband broke the downstairs sink, with 5 kids it’s sort of three steps forward and two steps back ….and the list goes on, and on, as to why I’m still cleaning, and why the house still isn’t on the market. 2-3 more days of this! (fingers crossed!)
Well, as I was cleaning my nursery today, I was sad to think that after I move, I will no longer have a nursery. Zach is 3, and Eva will be 2 soon. After this house I will get rid of Eva’s crib and Zach will, most likely, sleep in the big boys room. Sort of sad…..
…but no worries, because my sister is due in Oct!
I mentioned her in my “talented sister” post last week. 
My Mom, Chloe and I will be flying to Denver to help her on her nursery! Can’t wait!
We chatted the other day while looking over our Pinterest Nursery boards, and here are a few of our ideas….
General Vibe of the Room
My sister and her husband have used turquoise and orange for their home decor colors. It’s cool, because these colors are used in every room and their house really flows well because of it.
They are a super fun couple. Her husband works as a vocal instructor and is the kind of guy who takes you out on your birthday and has the entire restaurant singing to you. 
They are fun spirited, easy going, and a kick-in-the-pants-type couple. 
That’s why I want to stay with the orange and turquoise. Just seems to fit them….
So, picture the blue as a turquoise and the red as orange in the picture below. She is actually using a creme on the walls, but I just loved the fun “feeling” of this nursery picture and how green and yellow are also included. 
Art Possibilities
As I mentioned before, her husband is a vocal coach, so this does inspire some of these art choices!
I think this one is PERFECT! Even the colors!!!
This one in orange or turquoise. I just love it!
Possibly with orange? Depends how much other detail we have going on. 
Jenna Lyon’s Nursery from A Cup of Jo
Crib Wall (focal point)
The crib wall will most likely be our focal point. 
The room will be painted creme, so my suggestion was to stencil the wall behind the crib. Here were a few of my faves.
This isn’t a stencil (most likely), but I thought it was so fun!
These are actually stars on the wall with starts in-between them. I love how fun it is, but it is also subtle. 
Holly’s thought was to have something more like this, but with color!
So it’s possible we’ll be finding a huge door (or making something like this) and painting it turquoise….or making a huge frame with padded fabric inside of it.
Curtains and Furniture
I’m LOVING striped curtains for nurseries. 
We’ll see how much competing pattern we have going on. 
She also wants to paint a dresser/changing table a bold turquoise. I think it will rock with the creme walls!
So those are some of our choices so far! 
Really, most of them will be dictated by what we can scrounge for free 🙂  
We both sort of work that way. 
Hope you are all having a great week so far! I wish we had 4 extra days in this one!

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  1. Darling choices for the nursery. It will be fun to work on that project.

    Good luck with readying the house. We have rehabbed and sold 14 of them over the years…most with a bunch of kids underfoot. I know exactly what you are going through- xo Diana

    • Wow! 14! that is amazing! I bet you do know what I’m going through! Every day I think…ok, tomorrow I’ll be finished, …and then it just keeps needing more work! lol

      Sounds like we have a lot in common 🙂


  2. where are you moving next? good luck, i hate moving with lots of little kids, ack!!

  3. So many great inspiration pics! And I HEAR you about the cleaning. Aye, aye … I don’t envy it. Hope you’re done soon. 🙂

  4. This is such a beautiful post. I love all the inspirational pictures. Your sisters nursery is going to be great. Can’t wait to see it.

  5. Gosh, so many inspiring spaces! I like the idea of the focal wall! I also love the musical owls since the daddy to be is a vocal coach. Very cute!

  6. People are so creative! I love the musical owls!

  7. the orange “rocking” chair art is awesome! love the orange/blue combination

  8. Lovely nursery rooms! I love the yellow and black one, especially the striped ceiling! Liz

  9. Such fun and adorable spaces! I love the Sami Wall nursery!!

  10. Great ideas! I like the elephant picture.

    Visiting from Wicked Awesome Wednesday.

    – Jaime

  11. So many great ideas! I’m loving that etsy store with the eames rocker print 🙂

  12. I love these ideas! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime’s TIOT party!!

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