DIY Geometric Wall Art (nursery project #1)

I’ve been in Denver for the past four days decorating my little sister’s nursery.
She’s due Oct 1st.
When I asked them what they what they wanted for their nursery design, they said they wanted lots of color! Their house is turquoise and orange, and they wanted to keep those color incorporated in the design. Their other request was to not make it look like an “aunt’s house”.  Meaning…they wanted it up-beat and more modern. (No offense to any super-cool interior design-type aunts out there).
They had a friend already painting a dresser a blue turquoise color and making a bar for the top to be a changing table, and they had an orange lamp.
Besides that….the room was a clean slate!
Right after we touched-down it was game on to find fabric!
It was tough. There’s just not a lot of material out there with teal, turquoise and orange, that is also modern looking.
We decided to pull our colors and vibe from this shower curtain at Target. They already had this in their downstairs bathroom, so this is what we used for our “inspiration piece”.
The colors were close to perfect (maybe slightly too green), but we also loved the retro-modern feel.
By the end of the first day, we still had no fabric, but we did have the paint they used for the dresser, and we had our inspiration piece. So, I started on some DIY wall art (oh how I love working on DIY wall art).
 I decided I needed to include the oh-so-popular triangle pattern. Is everyone loving triangle patterns as much as I am?
Here was my downstairs painting area.
Do you think I have enough paint sponges and bowls? Just an FYI, I only had the turquoise blue, orange, white and black. The rest of the colors were a combination of those.
Here was my start.
I just sponged and sponged………and sponged. I was wishing I would have made the sponge triangles bigger, because it was taking forever!
I tried to have very little paint on the sponge and then dry brushed the edges.
Here the end result.
A close-up on the print.
Placed in the room.
This one took a lot of time (painted till 3am), but it set a great feel to the room, and was such a fun and colorful piece.
….and they already had the canvas, and the paint, so basically it was free.
So there is the first project in Baby Z’s Nursery Reveal.
Can’t wait to show you what else we came up with!




  1. unique and fun! When I studied color theory, I found out that blue and orange stimulate the baby’s brain…hence making for a very intelligent child 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness. I love everything about this. I love that you were able to create something so special, so unique and so cool for your little sister and your nephew to be. This is one of the hippest nurseries I have ever had a glimpse into.

    And, I am in complete awe of your patience and your talent.

  3. For a minute I thought you meant the baby was your little sister, then I got to the aunt part! Very cool!

  4. I love how this turned out! Can’t believe you can function so well at 3 am. Wait yes I can cause you’re awesome!

  5. I love this design! I’m more a geometric than flowery gal, so this kind of art is perfection to me! The colors are great too! How fun to decorate a nursery. I know you’re enjoying it!

    • It is fun! Since I’m finished decorating nurseries at my place, I guess I’ll just have to move on to friends and families nurseries 🙂

      Yup, I think you and I have similar taste.


  6. That’s really pretty!
    You are so talented!

  7. That is just soooo cool! Unique for a nursery. Bravo!!

    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  8. This turned out awesome!

    • Glad you like it. I don’t think it’s everyone’s “thing” for a nursery, but they wanted color and something more modern, so that’s what I came up with. I actually wanted to put a big silhouette of a guitar in the middle in dark grey, but we never got around to doing it.
      Is your new place all unpacked?

  9. It was worth the late night (early morning?). It looks great! I like the paper airplanes a lot too.

  10. How creative! Love it..

  11. Hi, Im over from TT&J.
    What a very nice bit of art, I really need to make something for my room/lounge but can never seem to find the motivation to get started.

  12. Katie this is so cute!! I love the colors and well, everything about it! Great job!!

  13. This project is awesome! Looks simple with great results. I’m pinning it!

  14. So unique! Thank you for sharing your project at Potpourri Friday!

  15. I love this Katie! Just pinned it and I think I might just have to try it 🙂 The end result looks amazing!

    • Thanks! I’m really loving the triangle/geometric kick the design world is on, but it’s hard to find fabric or artwork in any of the regular stores I shop at. Thanks for stopping by!

  16. I love this geometric wall art!! And I can’t wait to see what the rest of the room looked like. Thanks for linking up at Take it on Tuesday!

  17. How talented you are. It looks simple but very interesting. Unique design, I think children will love it. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  18. It’s perfect! Great focal point (love the easy DIY too!)


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