31 Days……of “Thrifty” Fall Decor



Hey everyone,

How are all of you?

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Mine was more relaxing than usual, with nothing other than a couple sporting events and church to go to. The extra time allowed us to have family movie night and to hang out with my Dad on his farm. Both were really laid-back and enjoyable.

So, I don’t even come close to blogging every day, but I am going to participate in The Nester’s 31 days series. 

Now really, I wanted to put 31 days of cheap fall decor, but some people turn a nose up at the word “cheap”, however, that is the word I use most often for what I’m creating…..”cheap fall decor”.

This stuff isn’t super nice, well-made or a fantastic uncovered thrifty find! It’s mostly from the Dollar Store, or from the good ol’ outdoors.

So I decided on “Thrifty Fall Decor”.

The series will start tomorrow and I’ll be posting for 31 days on “Thrifty Fall Decor” ideas.

When I contemplated doing this, I thought about how I probably had 20 days worth of ideas in my house already, so here we go! ……31 days of ideas to put in your house that won’t break the bank, but will warm your home with a festive feel.

So….tune in tomorrow….here we go!



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