Day #2 Fall Feather Vases

Today is day #2 in the “31 Day of Thrifty Fall Decor” series.

For day #2, I’m going to show you something I’ve probably used a little too much this fall.

I’ve found myself putting these everywhere this year….

Fall Feather Vases

Miss Mustard Seed and Dear Lillie have inspired me with their feather decor, and so contacted our local taxidermist and brought home an entire box full of all sorts of feathers.

A friend, who’s husband hunts, also mailed me some of her Pheasant feathers.

Some inspiration pics….

Miss Mustard Seed Interiors

Dear Lillie

Gorgeous right?!

Now that I have feathers, I find myself sticking them everywhere. I’m surprised I never thought to use them in the past.

Now I know my mom (and maybe you) are thinking….gross! Feathers from wild birds!

So I will provide you with some info on cleaning feathers.

This process is a smidge more intensive than what I did, (which was just running them under water and letting them dry), but the method above lists what type of soap to use and a couple different cleaning methods.

Here is another Fall Feather Vase I put in my entry.

You can also see my feathers in my chandelier, in my tablescape, on my piano, and just about everywhere.

Like I said, I may be going a bit overboard.

Hope this inspires you.



  1. What i really love is that COW! These are great ideas, I would love it if you would come and share them on I Freakin’ did it Friday @ Miss Information

  2. Beautiful! I have feathers in vases leftover from a peacock themed bridal shower and I’m TOTALLY leaving them up through Fall! I’ve never used feathers in my Fall decor, but I don’t know why. They add such fun texture! 🙂

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