My 31 Day Series (challenge) mid-term report.

If you follow me, or read my blog often, you know I decided to take on the 31 Day Posting Challenge at The Nesting Place.

Like I’ve said before, I’m no daily blogger.

I’m a renovator, who loves decorating and blogs about it as much as I can.

I’m lucky if I can manage to get something up 2-3 times per week!

But since my house is completely finished up, and we are just waiting for it to sell,

I have a smidge of extra time, and I thought I’d give the 31 day challenge a try.

What I’ve enjoyed so far about the series is that I get to share my little projects with you. Projects I wouldn’t usually think were “blog-worthy”. It’s been nice hearing your comments, and I hope it has given you all a few ideas so far.

The downside to posting daily is…..well, just that. Having to post daily!

I don’t like it to become a burden, but daily posting is somewhat that…….a burden.

After the first 6 days, it was Sunday. I didn’t have much content to post, so instead of making something or scrolling through Pinterest, I figured, hey, it’s Sunday. It’s a no-work day. I will give myself Sundays off. That was followed by another day I missed, and even though I had missed only a couple days out of 15, this week was just a lost cause!

Bottom line….

I am in AWE of you who post daily!

With my life, it’s nearly impossible.

Between sports practices, home schooling, and cleaning for potential buyers, it was tough,

but then I went on vacation last weekend and made two trips to a certain someplace to put on offer on a little fixer, that you’ll be hearing all about if they accept our offer on Monday.

So my second bottom line is….

I WILL finished the 31 Days of Thrifty Fall Decor series… just might be 31 days spread throughout October and November.

You want to hear more about thrifty fall decor in November anyways, right?

I hope you are all having an awesome weekend!


  1. I hear ya! I’m doing 31 days too. I named last Saturday my 31 days “skip” day. 🙂 Hope all goes well with your house selling/buying.

    • Well I just had three “skip” days in a row! lol It was a nice break. Back to blogging tomorrow! Good luck with your 31 days. I am going to try to get my 31 days in by the end of Nov 🙂


  2. When I first heard about the 31 day series my thought was: ‘There is NO WAY I can do that!”, I hardly post twice a week!
    Just go at your own peace Katie, I’ll be here checking your Fall decor next month! 🙂
    Good luck on the little fixer!

  3. I’m just impressed that you gave it a try. I briefly (like for a nano second) considered joining. But then I had to remind myself that there is no way I can do 31 days in a row. 🙂

    Nice work posting as often as you did.

  4. I think I am going to have to spread the rest of my 31 days out too. I am losing a bit of inspiration… it makes blogging stressful.

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