#20: Fall Pictures


Day #20 of the 31 Days of Fall Decor series

Today’s topic:

Fall Pictures!

Fall pictures are a great way to decorate your home for not a lot of $!

You don’t have to use an incredible camera, and you can use free photo editing software like a Picmonkey.


You can simply add them to frames or have them blown up and stretch them over a canvas.

See this great tutorial at Dear Lillie

These are some pictures my mom took last week. I edited them in Photoshop elements.

For fall pictures I basically tell people to wear “fall colors”. We do not plan to purchase new clothes for family pictures, and I feel that some “fall-ish” colored clothes and making sure there is some dark and light contrast seems to suffice.

However, I did see this tutorial on how to plan family photo outfits at It’s Overflowing the other day, and thought it had some great ideas.

I’m pretty in LOVE with this picture above. We gave Eva that “weed” to play with to keep her occupied, and the colors, pose and everyone’s expressions turned out perfect!

The first picture (above) I edited in Photoshop, but the two below I edited in Picmonkey.

There is SO MUCH you can do in Picmonkey! If you currently don’t have editing software, try Picmonkey….you’ll be addicted!

Fall pictures are perfect with fall colored foliage. Just find some trees that have turned color and have yellow leaves on the ground.

The day we took these the wind was blowing, so we used the side of a local building to block the wind.

My mom is a Photoshop whiz, and is really good at cutting people’s heads out of the picture with Photoshop and replacing them with better looking heads from other pictures. lol

I’m not that good, so I would probably send this picture to her to replace my three year old’s face, however, it looks pretty decent just as it is.

 The pictures below I edited in Photoshop, and then put them in this strip in Picmonkey.

I love pictures that show a families personality. Smiling at the camera is great, but some humor is even better in my opinion.

The last one is of my boys. I edited the first one in Photoshop and the versions below were edited in Picmonkey.


 Fall pictures are not only a good way to decorate for fall, but are a perfect addition to Christmas cards….which I’m not even ready to think about yet!

Is it just me, or is fall going by too fast?!



  1. These are great! You have such a cute family!! I love Picmonkey too, it’s so easy. Yes Fall is going by so fast, I cannot believe it’s November!!

  2. OH I love your family photos! What a beautiful family you have! Your Mom takes such great photos and you did awesome editing. I need to learn how to use Picmonkey & Photo shop elements I am still using mainly just Picasa.

    • Thanks Mimi,

      I use the basics of Photoshop. Luckily my mom is a photography-lover and she buys the nice editing software and usually you can download it on 2 computers and she lets me download it on mine for the 2nd one. It’s sort of like my camera. I need to read a book to learn what I’m doing!

  3. Those are beautiful pictures! I need to check out this picmonkey!

  4. What a GORGEOUS family you have, Katie! The first pic made me giggle, they are all pretty! I haven’t use Pic monkey but I love Photoshop.

  5. What a beautiful family! My favorite is the jumping one… so fun!

  6. What a beautiful family! Such great photos … and I’m loving the little redhead!



    • This was my absolute #1 favorite thumbnail at Kim’s link party this week!!!!! My fingers are crossed that you get the most clicks!

      Oh, and what are you Thanksgiving plans? We’re home with just us four and my sister-in-law. Low key and mellow. Big change of pace from past years …



  7. Beutiful pictures for a beautiful family Katie!! Thanks for the photog tips here and thanks for linking up to It’s Party Time!

  8. Absolutely delightful pictures! I’ve been wanting to try PicMonkey and now you’ve inspired me even more to give it a try. Beautiful family!

  9. Beautiful family makes beautiful pictures! Such personality in these.

  10. These pictures came out great! What a cute family!

  11. Oh how adorable!!! Give thanks you are still young enough to jump up and down without having to . . . well, be glad.

  12. These are beautiful family pictures! I love what you selected for clothes. The layers look very fall-ish and complement each other well. And what a cool background!

  13. Great famliy pics!!! I’ve been looking for a free photo program. Pinned this! Is pic monkey Mac compatible? Following your blog now. Follow me too at http://www.sewsweetvintage.com I posted “dolled up” to wow us wed.

  14. Larissa T. says:

    The first one has to be my favorite! Getting ready to do this at our house too.. thanks for the post link! Going to check that out now.

    Larissa T.~*

  15. Beautiful pictures! You have such a sweet family and I love how the pictures are so natural looking. They don’t look all stiff and posed. This has given me a great idea for something to do tomorrow while the turkey cooks! Thank you for sharing and yes, I LOVE picmonkeyh! Have you seen the new Christmas/winter edits they just put on the site? So much fun! I found your blog through Wow Us Wednesdays and will be following from now on! Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs, Leena

  16. Very well done! Lovely pictures!

  17. Adorable fall pictures!!!! They turned out awesome and I love that fun brick wall back drop!!!

  18. Very nice ideas and pics Katie! I can’t believr you have five kids and manage to keep your house rnning so well! WOW!
    Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  19. What a beautiful family and such fun ideas for photos together. Great way to celebrate and bond, too.

    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create!
    <3 Christina

  20. These photos are great! What a gorgeous family you have.


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