Boot Socks (another thing to do with old sweaters).

I’ve been eyeing some awesome boot socks on Pinterest.

As you can see, mine aren’t as fancy as some.

Mine don’t have cute buttons or gathered lace, but after making my sweater pillow (see below)…

 I had these two sweater sleeves left, and couldn’t resist.

This project was SUPER easy and only took about 20 minutes (if even).

First, try them on before you sew to see how much you need to take up on the sides. Next, take the arm and sew (on the seam side of the arm) so that you have an even width for the sleeve (or sock, or whatever we are calling it at this point). After you sew, cut off the extra material.

*HINT– Use a triple stitch if your sweater is stretchy.

Then I sewed around the bottom of the sleeve, so that the edges wouldn’t fray.

(Really this is a boot leg-warmer, but it sounds a lot cuter if we call it a sock.)

…and that’s it. Pretty easy!

Told you it would only take 20 minutes max!


  1. I love these! Such a great look, I am definitely doing this.

  2. I like your version! Fast, easy, and super cute!

  3. these are so cute! I bought a pair at Maurices and have been wearing them every chance I if I just make some I won’t have to wearing mine out so soon and I can have different looking ones for different outfits (: thanks for the tutorial

  4. Christina at I Gotta Create! says:

    Grand idea Katie!!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  5. nice recycle project! It came really really cute.

  6. Super cute! I’ve heard this is really popular, but never knew how to make my own. Thanks for the inspiration!! Love it 🙂

  7. I just ended with a pair of sweater sleeves after covering two Christmas cone trees, my son put them on as leg-warmers, it was funny b/c they went all the length of his legs! 🙂 Well, now they’re going to be mine, Thank for the how to Katie!

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