My 15 Minute Fall Mantel

This fall mantel isn’t going to win me any awards.

It’s not my favorite. In fact, I was hoping to never really have to put it together.

I was hoping to move on from my Halloween Mantel, straight to a Christmas mantel.

But, just as I figured, someone called at the last-minute to see the house (we are in the process of selling it).

and I literally had about 15 minutes to tear my bats off the wall, and replace the skeletons with something “fall-ish”.

So here’s what I came up with…

I added some glitter letter stickers to my yellow block (that I’ve used for the last three seasonal mantels), so it would say “Give Thanks”.

You ALWAYS have to have some sticker letters on hand in my opinion!

I used my fabric swag, that has also been on the past three seasonal mantels, and added some yellow leaf doilies from the dollar store.

I purchased them last year.

The sides of the mantel, I basically left the same. I like the wax-dripped bottles, the feathers, and the candles in coffee grounds.

 However, I did have to take the black crows off and added a pumpkin in their place.

I would have liked the color to be more balanced, and maybe some gourds or some stalks of wheat,

but due to my time restrictions, I had to get creative with whatever I had in my back room!

Luckily, I had planned on making this feather wreath, and had the supplies on-hand.

I picked up this small grape-vine wreath at the dollar store and shoved some feathers in it.

Wall-ah! I do think it’s my favorite thing on the mantel now.

….and that was it. Around 15 minutes and not a penny spent, and now I have a ho-hum, (but will totally due for a house showing)

Fall mantel!

Unfortunately, it only went up about 5 days before I’ll decorate one for Christmas.

Murphy’s Law, right?



  1. I love it! I long for the day I can throw a mantel together in 15 minutes. Mine take more like 15 days.. where I finally feel its done.
    I love the black fireplace! The colors really pop against it!

    • Thanks Sherry. I think if I really created a mantel I loved, it would take me awhile, but I was happy with the outcome of this one, for the time put in. lol

      Glad you like the colors, they’re not the traditional fall colors, but they match the rest of the basement decor 🙂

  2. What a pretty mantle! My favorite things are your feather wreath and your leafy swag. So creative! I hope you’re having a blessed week. xx

  3. Looks great Katie! That feather wreath is fabulous!
    Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

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