How to Make Huge, Awesome Angel Wings!


This is a project that my sister, Holly, made this year.

I think these wings are incredible!

You’ll have to excuse the pictures, because they’re off her cell phone, but I wanted to share the project because I think it is just plain awesome, and thought you all might like the inspiration.

She found this project on Crafty Butt blog.

Can you believe these ginormous wings are made from cardboard and paper mache?!

Yes! They are.

She started by free-handing these pieces for the wings. You can see this part a little more clearly on the blog I linked up above.

Next (not pictured) she cut the large part of the wing out of a heavy cardboard box they had left over from a freezer, and the smaller pieces she cut out of thinner cardboard and taped them on the larger piece. You could also glue them.

Then she paper-mached the entire thing.


She wanted the wings to look wooden, so she used a glossy spray paint and wood sheen.

Here’s a silly picture of my brother-in-law pretending to eat the spray paint.


Here is a picture of the wings being sprayed.


….and here is a picture after the wood sheen.


I’m keeping this technique in my mind for other things besides wings. Maybe a huge mirror or two?



Does this give you any ideas?




  1. i love this project. do you know a web sight where i can go on how to build your own fireplace

  2. i love this project.
    do you know a web sight where i can go to, ( on how to build your own fireplace)?

  3. Those are really cool! I want some huge angel wings 😉 Craftiness runs in your family I see.

  4. L O V E them! She did a great job. Gotta get my hands on some of that wood-sheen, looks neat!

  5. Those wings are so pretty, your sister did a great job on them!

  6. Katie- Those are absolutely wonderful. Great job and I love them-xo Diana

  7. Perfect! Just like many I’ve seen around blog-land, minus the price I guess!
    Merry Christmas Katie!

  8. So pretty!

  9. So beautiful!

  10. Those are so amazing Katie! I see the creative bug runs in your family! Wishing you and yours a fabulous holiday!

    🙂 Linda

  11. Very pretty Katie!
    Love these!
    Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  12. Amazing! I never would have guessed they were made out of carboard. She did a great job.

  13. Your sister did a fabulous job! Thanks for posting. Found you on The Answer is Chocolate. 🙂

  14. Those are so fabulous! You would never know they’re made from cardboard!

  15. The angel wings are great! Thanks for the tutorial.

  16. WOW! Just WOW! The overall effect is smashing! I love the bare look, because it really needs nothing more. Katie, for sure talent runs in your family (and sense of humor, looking at the brother in law, ha ha!)

  17. Beautiful job on the wings, Katie!

  18. Love, love, LOVE those! So fantastic!

  19. Oh my goodness! These are beautiful!!! WOW! It looks like it is made out of wood, this is great! Thanks for sharing!

    I am linking over from “the Answer is Chocolate Link Party” hope to see you drop by too.

    Hugs, antonella 🙂

  20. Awesome idea, thanks so much for sharing!

  21. These are very pretty! I love them! Thanks for sharing!

  22. These are amazing! Great tutorial!!! Funny pic with your Brother-in-law 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  23. I never saw angle wings like this before and tell her she did an amazing job. I admire how she blended them so well above the fireplace.

  24. Love them- and thank you for the tutorial!! Sharing at the party tonight~ thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  25. I simply love the angel wings. I have wanted to make a set and now I have the tools. Just beautiful and thanks for sharing!

  26. These are beautiful think ill try making some out of real thin wood.

  27. I was wanting to know how heavy the wings are after u got everything done. If you could let me know that would be great. Thx

    • Hi, I’m not exactly sure how heavy they are- but it’s not very heavy. They are just made out of cardboard and newspaper. I have them hanging in my office right now and I believe they are being held up by thumb tacks. Sorry to not have an exact weight, but just think of the weight of a couple layers cardboard. I hope that helps!

  28. Can you use theses wings for a costume?

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