Old Door to Chalkboard Door


I know we’ve all seen chalkboard doors in the Blogosphere, but as I’m waiting to find out where we will be moving next, I don’t have too many house projects, so I figured I might as well make some I have sitting around to sell, and in my opinion, everyone needs some chalkboard in their home.


Here’s what I started with.

I saw this old door at the thrift store for a LONG time. I eyed it every time I drove by, but we were in the middle of a lot of house showings at the time, and I don’t have a garage, and knowing that a carport full of junk projects isn’t very appealing to most, I restrained myself and didn’t buy it….Until I couldn’t stand it anymore and my strong-will broke and I brought it home!

…and there it sat, in the back of my husband’s pickup, with bags of clean laundry on top of it tarped (um, because that’s what I do when I have house showings and I don’t have time to put the laundry away.) Just keepin’ it real.

But then we decided we wanted to rent the house, and therefore I did not have to keep the house spotless, which meant pulling out some projects I had left to finish. (and yes, I know this story has too many commas and a ton of run-on sentences, but I really like run-on sentences, especially when I’m telling stories.)


The door was already primed, so I added some paint, wax, chalk paint, and some really fun details.



…and that was it.

A couple hours later, it was sold.


I’m hoping I find more of these somewhere.

Well I hope you all had a great weekend.

I spent part of mine working on some other projects to sell. Gotta keep myself busy ya know.



  1. I love your chalkboard door. I’ve seen them at restaurants by the front door. They put their specials on it.

    • I thought that it would be perfect for a restaurant too. If I find a lot more doors, maybe I”ll ask some local eateries.

      Have a great week Dee!

  2. Wow, it’s awesome! I love the knob especially! And we used to throw the junk into laundry baskets and stick it in the trunk of our car during showings! LOL! Whatever you have to do, i guess. Do you know where you are moving?

  3. Okay- so you have to have run on sentences when telling stories because that’s how stories are told— I’m constantly using commas and when I think I’ve used too many I switch it up with dashes! 🙂 Anyway, I LOVE these doors– they have some at the Habitat Restore that I just discovered and I’m dying to buy some and do this– but my husband would kill me because we have NOWHERE to put anything else– I’m ready to get out of this apartment and back into a house (with a BIG garage)! 🙂

    • I know exactly what you mean Melissa! We don’t have a garage either, and I’ve been trying to sell project lately, which means saying ok to bringing more home…..maybe saying ok to bringing too many home lol! My carport is a mess!

  4. this is so pretty! love how it turned out. i think everything should be turned into a chalkboard 😉

  5. I LOVE this! I want to find a door to make one right now!!! I blog over at http://www.2crafty4myskirt.blogspot.com/ Every Friday I feature a fellow crafter. I would LOVE to feature you and this project in an upcoming Friday. If you are interested please let me know toocraftyformyskirt@hotmail.com

    • Hi Alese,

      Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your kind comments! I would love you to feature this project, just let me know if you need anything from me. 🙂
      Happy Wednesday!

  6. I love this!

  7. Chalk board addict here:) Love yours!!!! I up cycled a door this Fall and love decorating it!!! Swing by

  8. Super cute! Like you said, we all have chalk boards, but I don’t think many of us have chalk board doors. I like it! Good luck on the move!

  9. I-am-in-love-with-this. Seriously!! It looks so good!! And those details – I’m quite smitten with the whole thing.

  10. Simply beautiful! I love your blog 😉 I’m a new follower. Have a great week!

  11. I love this! Soooo much can be done with this chalkboard… including taking care of you laundry! Hah- thats awesome.

  12. Oh my! So beautiful… I have to make one of these for my house! I found you through the Anti-Procrastination Linky Party!

  13. This is such a cool project! The details really made it amazing. It is going on my never ending crafting to-do list. 🙂 I’m so glad to have discovered your blog! I look forward to reading more!

  14. Darling project! I want one!

  15. I love your chalkboard door! You did an awesome job!

  16. This turned out great!

  17. cool. i stumbled on your post when looking for inspiration for another door i’m about to start restoring. here’s the first i did: http://www.imeeshu.com/2013/01/26/vintage_door_annie_sloan/

  18. Really love the door it looks great. I had totally forgotten I had driven around with the clean laundry in the car too some years back when we were selling.

  19. This is fabulous, Katie! I LOVE the details on the door and the knob! The perfect chalkboard! What a great project! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great day!

  20. I, too, keep seeing these chalkboard doors and drooling over them. I HAVE to do this – it would look so great in my kitchen! Our Habitat for Humanity Re-Stores here in Kansas always have a large selection of nice doors at very reasonable prices. I REALLY like the accents you added, especially to the door knob. I haven’t seen that idea anywhere else. Thanks for sharing! – Dez 🙂

  21. I love that idea! So cuute! Nice job : )

  22. I absolutely love this, you’re so clever, it’s beautiful. I’m extending my house and would love to find somewhere to feature one of these, thanks for such a brilliant idea!!

  23. I just love that … one of my favorite projects of yours!

  24. So beautiful! I really love it. Megan

  25. Doors and Chalkboards! Love them! Great job on yours!! Love your blog! Visiting from Skip to my lou

  26. This is beautiful. I am pinning this for the future, cause I totally want one.
    With Love,
    ~Scary, from The Shaffer Sisters

  27. Love this – I want to make some, too!
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  28. This is fantastic!! What a difference the details make. I am sharing today at my party that starts at 2:00 PST. -K

  29. Great idea! It makes me want to do this to one of my doors!

  30. I need to find a place locally to find doors, I love this idea. Maybe I will just change my pantry door itself into a chalk board. This would be so much fun, love the details.

    • I think it looks great and is very practical for an inside door! I found a slew of old doors at Habitat for Humanity Restore. I don’t know if you have one by you, but they are pretty decently priced!

  31. That’s gorgeous! I want one. 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing…love the reminder to get over here to see what you’ve been up to!

  32. Suzanne Mason says:

    I’m going to go on the hunt for an old door this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.

  33. I just painted a board with chalkboard paint. This is the first time i have used it. Here is what i need to ask Even after a couple weeks it still fills tacky to me is that just how the paint is or did i do something wrong. Or is there a paint that is better.The paint i used has a shine to it. I used folkart acrylic paint.

    • Hi Dee. That is strange. Usually chalk paint dries really quickly. I just used the chalk paint from Hm Depot. On basic chalkboard type projects, it should work fine. I’m not sure why it would still feel tacky.

      • I did check it yesterday and it was better. Is it suppose to be shiny or flat? Wonder if i should use a different paint. Love your door you did a great job.

  34. I love this chalk board door, I was trying to figure out what to give my best friend for Christmas and I think I just found it in this project. I also think I know where to find the door, let the hunting begin!


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