My Style

  I’m starting to have room reno withdrawls.

I still call Realtors and walk through houses, and then I come home and dream for a week about what I’d do to them.

 Now before you start e-mailing me to say I can come renovate your bedroom, know that I’m picking up custom projects to make some extra cash right now, but they aren’t where my heart is, there is nothing like the high of when a room comes together.

Either you totally get me now, or you think I’m a true weird-o.

I came to this house I’m in now with nothing but 3 kids, 8 suitcases and a guitar!

(ok, so there was a candelabra that I found for cheap that I couldn’t part with…I know, crazy, but true. My husband was a good sport!)

The colors I decided on were a combination of what I liked and what I found at the garage and yard sales.

….and for that, they worked really well!

However, it is different when you’re just getting to design what you like.

…and although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to move on from using what I have because I’m just too darn frugal,

I do think I will make the next house a little more reflective of my taste.

So here’s my post on “My Style”, which is something I don’t feel you’ve really been able to see in my past year of blogging.

The house I’m currently in, I started on 5 yrs ago. That is like a decade and a half to a designer!

I’m fairly bored of the paint and I personally don’t want to see gray and yellow together again….ever.

(Sorry if you just decorated your room in it. I tire quickly of things and know that the rest of the world still loves it).

There are so many things I’d change in my house  if I was going to be in it forever, but I won’t, and the costs of changing things right now just doesn’t out-weigh the benefits.

So I’ll wait…

Wait for light, bright, and white, with the classy black painted details.

I’ll wait a little longer before I reupholster my furniture with something gray or colored velvet.  I’ll wait to find some old junk that is begging to be nailed to the wall and painted with a fun pop of color.

All in all, it will be a house that says sophisticated grown-up with some rich-colored junk finds for interest.

Some whimsy and unexpected details are a must and I’m excited to use my lifetime love for black and white.

Here’s my current “imaginary house”.

We all can dream right?

….and that’s what I’ll do.

…until God moves us on from the house we are in now, I will strive to be content with the beautiful things I have and just drool over pictures for future inspiration.

….and I will pin on Pinterest like a maniac, until that day comes.





Little Green Notebook




Setting for Four


Holly Mathis Interiors


 The Design Files






West Elm




The Lettered Cottage


  I actually have this wall paper picture twice.

I think I love it that much.

 Perfectly whimsical isn’t it?



Sanity Fair




I’m not so sure about the pink stools, but the next house will probably have some blue, pink and either green or yellow.

….and black and white, of course.

JR0M6460 Image-13

….and I will recover something in tufted velvet, and paint a piece of furniture with green paint.

There will be more mid-century modern, meets gaudy gold mirror

with fun pops of color to lighten the mood.



Emily Henderson


I know. I may be going a little Emily Henderson on you,

…but she is good.

Design words for my next place:

Classy, fun, tailored, interesting, effortless.  

That’s what I have so far.



  1. Love your post Katie!! Such inspirational photos!! Just wondering,the Pantone 2013 emerald chip it image looks like the one I created and posted…would you mind adding my link to the image please? Thanks and big hugs! Glad you found it inspirational!!

  2. I totally love your style, Katie! I kind of know how you feel about the “gray and yellow” , it happened to me with “green and yellow” I used that combination for a really loooong time until I couldn’t stand it any more!

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