Spring Bird Printable ….Getting Ready for Spring Series part #2

Spring Print Frame 1

About a week ago, I started taking down the winter “stuff” and replacing it with some spring things.

I wanted to only use what I had around the house, and I ended up with the vignette you see below.

Spring Entry Vingnette 2

I think I will still make a little banner for this area, but I wanted to show you how I found some “spring things” in my house without spending any money.

Entry 2.5

I started by taking placemats and making them into a table runner. You can find the directions for my tutorial here.

After that I made some framed art.

Spring Bird Print5

I had a frame with no glass, some scrap book paper that was a corresponding color and some white cardstock.

Spring Bird Print 4

Then I searched for a Spring-ish printable on Pinterest. There are hundreds of printables too choose from. I decided on this bird. You can find it here.

Spring Bird Print 3

The white cardstock with the cream colored matting bothered me, so I tea-stained the perimeter of the cardstock.

To do this, just wet the tea bag with hot water, break the tea bag open and rub the leaves around the edges.

Then you have to press the picture over night in a book, so it will lay flat.

Spring Print Frame 1

Then I used double-sided tape to take the picture on, and that was it!

Pretty easy and inexpensive.

Hope you’re all having a good week!



  1. That looks so pretty! The tea-staining really added a lot. Great vignette!

  2. Love this! And who know that tea staining was so darn easy? Tempted to try it today.

  3. This is just so lovely! So nice for spring. I love the bird print.

  4. Love it!

  5. Elegant and lovely!

  6. This is probably the prettiest Spring vignette I’ve seen this year! Happy Spring!

  7. Oh this is just perfect for spring! Your tea staining method is very clever – just a subtle effect but what a difference! Love your vignette!

  8. Super pretty Katie!!

  9. Very pretty Spring vignette, Katie! As always great tips!

  10. love what you did with the bird art! looks great

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