1. Hello,
    If you don’t mine me asking? My father and I tried to make this but he can’t figure out now you get the glass to stay attached to the wood. He tried dowels but it didn’t work and cutting wood to fit and glued it but that also didn’t work. We also tried to drill one but it broke. Would love to make one.

    • Hi Heidi!

      I used Liquid Nails to glue around the dowels and glue the glass to the wood. On other renditions of this, I used the actual dowel from the original wooden phone post to screw them on. This is obviously the best method, but most of the insulators do not come with the wooden dowels that they were made for. The Liquid Nails worked on mine. I was generous with it. It probably took a couple tubes of Liquid Nails to fill the insulator with around the dowel and glue the glass on the wood. I hope that helps!

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