Vintage Necklace Remake

Vintage Necklace Update 7

Hey everyone,

I’ve been running around like crazy! Travel, job probabilities for the hubs,  in and out of escrows, and the list goes on…

hence the lack of posting lately.

I’m so excited to tell you some of my plans, but they have literally been changing every week…sometimes 2-3 times/week.

So I’ll wait. Wait until I have some sure answers. But for now….here is an awesome vintage necklace remake that my sister did.

I photographed it when she came to visit. She is super creative and makes GREAT stuff…..if I could only talk her into blogging.

Vintage Necklace Updated 3_edited-1

My grandma gave this broken vintage necklace to my sister, since she figured she could do something with it.

Vintage Necklace Updated

…and boy could she!

We’ve all seen ribbon tied necklaces lately and adding a ribbon to an existing necklace can add the perfect punch of spring color!

My sister didn’t have any ribbon that she liked at the time, but she spotted some on a gift bag and swiped it for her necklace remake…oh so clever!

Vintage Necklace Update 10

The ends of this necklace mid-piece had loops, so all she had to do was pull the ribbon through the loop, then she used a needle and thread to stitch the ribbon together into place.

Vintage Necklace Updated 2

Here you can see the loop on the end that she pulled the ribbon through.

Vintage Necklace Update 8

…and that was all it took to make a vintage necklace into something modern and beautiful!

Vintage Necklace Update 9

I love that she was able to reuse it!

Vintage Necklace Update 7

Do you have any old jewelry around that needs to be updated?




  1. Nice! I also would have liked to have seen it on the neck too to see how the ribbon “hangs” with the necklace.

  2. Very cute, love the fresh color!

  3. So pretty – what a gorgeous necklace to wear dressed up or even a white t shirt!

  4. That’s just beautiful! I love that it was so simple to turn it into something modern and gorgeous! {and I love that she even upcycled the ribbon!}

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