A Happy Spring Vignette

Hey everyone,

It’s funny…now that I’ve been blogging a bit less, I miss you all. When I write, it’s like writing to friends that I haven’t shared with in while.

Strange and a little sappy, I know, but I enjoy sharing my “lots of kids/DIY crazy life” with all of you!

So leave a comment, or follow me along on FB.  I’ve taken a bit of a blogging “slow-down period” for the past couple months (if you haven’t noticed), but it’s time to get back to projects, projects, projects.

We are in escrow on a 107 yr old fixer, and I haven’t shared much about, but once things are a little more finalized, I’ll post about it!

As you know, my mind reals about colors, patterns, furniture placement…and a zillion other details that I’m excited to brainstorm with you!

But for now….

Here’s a Happy Little Spring Vignette that I threw together the other day.

My projects currently need to be from things I already have, so they are low-cost and usually simple.

Spring Vingette #1.5

I started with cutting a piece of material to bring in some color and draped it over the burlap I currently had there.


Then I used put some colorful tulips in a blue mason jar. There’s just something about bright tulips that I LOVE.

Spring Vignette 3

I used a couple books I had around and my butterfly cage for the other side.

Butterfly Cage 3

…and that was it. Simple and easy, but makes the house feel like spring. You can see my other spring vignette in the background.

Spring Vingette #1

I hope the weather is getting warmer where you are!

Spring Vignette 4.5



  1. I looks wonderful. Love the colors and the G. Can’t wait to hear more about the new house. Hugs, Marty

  2. Love your sweet tulips and your Spring decorations. It looks lovely. I can’t wait to hear about your new/old hosue- xo Diana

  3. I can’t wait to see your 107 y-o fixer and all the changes I’m sure you are going to give it! That is indeed a happy vignette, that butterfly makes me smile and that G in that frame looks so nice!
    Have a great weekend, Katie!

  4. It looks so beautiful!

  5. I tried to pin this as there’s a p to do it but it said there was no image 🙁
    I love this plus the one in the background too! You are very creative using what you have in ways that inspire!!
    Love your blog–I see nothing wrong with setting your own pace!!!

  6. I’m terrible at putting together little vignettes … I love the inspiration here! I especially love that framed letter!

  7. Well your vignette makes me happy!!! Love all the details Katie!

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