New Spring Pillows!

Hey everyone!

Well the last 3 weeks have been crazy! The hubs has been gone doing army work out of state (I’m picking him up tomorrow THANK GOODNESS!).  Then there is this escrow process we are in…so paperwork and gathering paperwork is a frequent task, and then I felt I needed to clean this place and get it ready to show as a rental (which resulted in 8 showings in the past few days!). OMGosh is all I can say. Don’t do these things with 5 little kids! It was insane! Ok enough whining!…

….on to my new spring pillows!

So here’s the deal. We’ve had this house finished since last August, and I figured I would work on projects to sell and for others while I waited for a new house….what I realized  is that I don’t really love doing projects to sell. Projects for friends are fine, especially if I’m working on them with a friend, but projects to sell bore me, and then they sit there unfinished forever, or I have to do two of the same project (Heaven forbid!)  I realized that I really only like putting a room together……who would have thought! (sarcasm)

So…..I have not done many projects lately, except for friends. I’ll post on that a bit later.  I didn’t want to put any more money into decor for this house, since we’ll be moving in less than a month, so I tried to be very particular about how much time and money I spent on spring decor.

So most of what you’ve seen so far for spring decor has been made from what I already had around, or maybe from a yardsale find or dollar section item, but there was something I knew I had to spend a little on….material for new spring PILLOWS!

I needed something to make me love my living space again,

and some bright, fun material in a graphic print was just the thing!

Spring Pillows 2

I’m loving all the big print graphics people are using. I don’t live in an area with a ton of material choices, and I’m over chevron, so I was happy when I found this fun print.

Spring Pillows 3

I already had the green material, and the black and white pillow was from my living room reveal, but I needed some material that said “modern” to give my living room some new life!


Now I was ready to spend a little on material, but not much, so I used material that I had purchased a couple years ago to cover piping and for the back of the pillow. This way I only had to purchase around a yard or less of new material.  I sewed the pillow covers as envelope covers, but I think I’ll add three buttons where the material meets in the back so that they can be reversible.


I kept to greens and yellows this year for spring. I’ll show you this little nest project next.

Pillows 1

So there ya have it. This will keep me happy until the next place. New spring pillows are always a treat when you love to decorate.

Hope you’re all doing good!



  1. Love the new pillows. I have to stop myself all the time from buying fabric because I always think ” I could make pillows with this” but I realized I never do make the pillows 😉 Can’t wait to see the new house!

  2. Your pillows are a happy splash of spring! Great fabrics and great design. I especially love the green diamond pattern and the navy one! May I ask, it seems as though you sewed your cording or piping to the front side of your pillow prior to assembling. Does it work better to sew it to the front first? I’ve always attached mine to the back piece first. This may be a trivial question, I don’t know. But, I am always loathe to put cording around my pillows because I end up getting the cording sewn up into the seam when I sew the sides together or sewing in up into the corners of the pillow. Happy Friday!

  3. Colorful pillows add so much to a room … love that bike pillow too!

  4. I’m so over Chevron too! Love the fun graphics and colors. I’m on the hunt for some fun colors and graphics for some living room pillows too …

    🙂 Linda

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