Crazy carpets, cramped bedrooms, and clogged toilets, … but folks, we’re in!

I haven’t told you much about the house battle that we went through for the past couple months. Mainly because it’s silly that it would be a battle. Getting the houses, or not getting the houses is up to God in my opinion. The real struggle for me was actually being patient, not worrying and just being content with whatever situation would come. Believing that even if I didn’t get these houses, that there would be a better plan, having faith that God always has our best in mind when we give our plans over to him. All of that was a battle!

Long story short…we closed around a month later than expected. It was grueling. Every day we would accumulate more paperwork for the lender, often things we felt we had given them, just in a slightly different format. The communication was awful and at the end of it all, I even ended up having to write them a letter telling them where our children would be sleeping….yes, it was that over-the-top! For so much of it, we all just shook our heads, but what can you really do when you are two months into a loan process, your husband has a job starting in a week and you just need this thing to work out so you can put your stuff somewhere?!

…all you can do is pray, know that God has a plan, prepare yourself to be ok with whatever the outcome, and gather them whatever they ask for!

When all was said and done (today), we got the keys. It worked out how it needed to, and here we are. My kids woke up at 4:45am this morning (we stayed at my in-laws last night), and I am beyond ready for bed, but I wanted to show you pictures. We’ve been ready to move onto our “next phase” for almost a year now, and I may be tired, but I’m so glad to be where we’ll be, or rather, where we are.

So here are a few before pics of our next fixer.


Um….lots of potential. Right?


The keys were ready around 4:30. My goal was to have all the carpet ripped out, the tack strip and staples out and the floor steamed mopped by the time the kids went to bed.



However I did get this done in the bedroom so the kids could sleep in something clean.


…and just in case you’ve ever wondered, there is nothing that makes you NEVER want to have carpet, like ripping out old carpet.

That stuff is just gross!


I put a “free carpet and padding” add on Craigslist right before we ripped it out, and by the time I was finished, I had around 15 calls and someone there to haul it all away! Trust me, people want your old carpet! No need to pay a dump fee, or clog up the landfills! Saves you from having to haul it anywhere too!


I found some very interesting linoleum-type flooring under one of the carpets. Luckily it was very thin and was never stuck down, so it was easy to take out. In case you’re wondering we did have the HEPA air filter going the entire time.


Carpet 1/2 way off. I’m not sure what John was doing back there (probably eating chips).


I’ll be refinishing these in a couple months.


Chloe and I were carpet warriors! We took them all out ourselves! Go girls!

…and I’ll be honest that John was already unclogging a toilet while we were ripping the carpets out.

Um, it’s still not unclogged. Oh the things that happen when you move into a new place. One kid couldn’t find toilet paper, so he used napkins….ahhhhh!


Dinner in the bedroom! Mainly because the kitchen was still dirty.

We’ll be back at it tomorrow, but for now, I’m off to bed….I mean my air mattress.


Friday morning


  1. Congratulations on getting into our new place. It does look like it has a ton of potential. It’s very cute! And you’re so right about the carpet–I’m still traumatized from pulling ours out last summer. I can’t believe someone took it off your hands. Not sure why anyone would want used carpet unless it was in really, really good shape.

  2. Oops. “your” new place. Not ours. 😉

  3. Oh Katie!!! I wish I was closer so I could help. You hang in there, it will be beautiful and you’ll have such fabulous stories to tell your grandkids…


  4. I’m really happy for you! Congrats on your new fixer upper! I’m sure you have so many plans for it! Have fun! Hugs, Leena

  5. Oh Katie, I’m so glad you’re finally there! Yes, I can see lots of potential! Can’t wait to see how you transform it into your home.

  6. Katie — I love the raw footage!!! Oh my goodness, the nightmare — and the excitement — all wrapped up into one crazy fun bundle!!! You are going to make this place fabulous and I’m so excited to watch the process!!! I always love your style and ideas!!! Keep it up! I’m so impressed with you and Chloe!!! Go Girls!!! XO, Aimee

  7. Congratulations, Katie! So much potential. With your skills and talent – it’s going to be gorgeous! Can’t wait to watch your new story unfold!

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