Going Green…..in decor that is.

Q: What do we all do when thinking about moving?…

A: We make 10 different Pinterest boards about 10 different possible color combinations/DIY ideas for our new house.

My latest Pinterest board is titled “Green, White and Black“.

I think this color combo could be overly simple and redundant in a large space (for my taste), but in 900 sq ft, it may be refreshing.

I’m not sure if you caught my last post on painting my couch green? Still haven’t got up the nerve to do it!

I might be saving that DIY for after we move in.

Until then, here’s my latest inspiration.








  Bright Bazaar


 House Beautiful



Abby M. Interiors




The Polished Pebble via The Lettered Cottage

084 kopiera

Ellinors Hus

I know this last one doesn’t have green….but I’m pretty in love with it!


 There are so many more beautiful pictures on the Pinterest board!

Hopefully we’ll sign tomorrow and I’ll get to show you some gross before pics by Thursday!



  1. Lovin the green Katie! I have green as an accent color throughout and I am in love with those curtains in the second photo, I must have them Lol. Hope everything is going well with the move 😉

  2. Can you possibly share with me the name and source for the wallpaper (greenish/blackish/ off white) in the bathroom above with the House Beautiful logo and the bright green towels and the white bathroom. Thank you!!

    • Hi Betsy,

      Unfortunately I have no idea! I agree that it’s beautiful! You could follow the source link that I have and see if the original article has any clues, or write the magazine. I know there are stencils from stencil companies that are similar. Sorry I could not be of more help.

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