The Move Update….since we last chatted.


Wow. Has it really been over a week since my last update?

It’s been absolute insanity around here, mostly good, some…not so good.

I am currently at Starbucks, enjoying the peace and solitude after a VERY long couple days!

John was a saint and put the kids to bed while I escaped.

Did I mention that the houses we bought are duplexes?…..and that we are going to convert one into a single family home, but that we have to carry all the renter contracts? Oh, ya maybe I forgot to mention that really weird, but interesting piece of this story.

All this to say we are living in the “upper unit” of the house we plan on living in until August. It’s a whoppin’ 750 sq ft, but hey, it’s only for a little under two months. Yes….I know we have 5 kids. Yes….I know there is barley a yard. Yes….I’m slowly getting on board with the fact that this was maybe a dumb idea!

Well, let me give you a quick update since my last post about moving in and tearing all the carpet out.

House pic Luke

Sorry the pics are fuzzy. Need to get the battery and charger for the nicer camera tomorrow!

Friday: That last house post was written on a Thursday. Friday morning was seriously awesome! The three older kids and I got up while John went to work and we all just kept working on the house. All three of them really enjoyed tearing out the tack strip and staples. It was fun. It was what I have always dreamed about…our entire family working on a house together! Even Zack, my 4 yr old was running around the edges of the rooms with the shop vac. (I realize only weird people dream about tearing tack strips out with their children).

Saturday: Thank goodness for yard sales. I had packed all the toys, so we bought some new ones and a couple movies to keep everyone busy. I realized that underneath the carpet the floor was painted. I was planning on refinishing them with the downstairs hardwoods when the renters below moved out in August, but there was a little paint chipping here and there and I’m pretty sure it’s old and lead-based, so I figured I should find someplace for the kids to go while I did a little sanding, hole filling and then painted over them (hopefully that will all take place next week!)

laundry room

Yep, the last time I did laundry in a shared space like this was 2001

I also realized that living with young renters is….well, interesting when you’re not in your early 20’s anymore! Stepping on other people’s dog poop repeatedly and listening to your drunk neighbors set off fireworks by your bedroom window in the middle of the night is a reminder of the good ol’ days at college. For some reason, it’s not as humorous a decade later. Although the fact that John and I get ourselves into these sorts of situations is humorous in itself.

house junk

This was about 1/3 of it!

Sunday: Church and lunch with John’s parents. We also had some paperwork to get caught up on and RD work to do (my other job). John decided to clean out our side of the unfinished basement, so we would have a place to stick our stuff when we returned with the U-Haul. There was an amazing amount of stuff left by renters over the years. John took two HUGE pick-up fulls to the dump, and the Goodwill. The funniest part was that there was a really old washer, dryer, oven and grill. I decided to put another free add on Craigslist. I started with the grill. The first guy who showed up decided he would take all sorts of things. He left about an hour later with an oven, washer, dryer, broken vacuum, a table top, a broken bedframe and anything else John could talk him into taking. We almost had him talked into taking our broken tack strip!  All I could think of was how to hashtag my situation. Do you ever start to think in hashtags?    #20yrsofpeoplescrap  #moldyclothesaregross  #3dumprunslater  #wonderwhatthisguyswifethinks

Monday: John has really been feeling like we should take one day off each week. So we chose Monday. We went to a popular coffee shop, just down the road from our house and all had scones and coffee. I am LOVING our location. Parks, people, and bistros everywhere. It’s very urbane and it’s very much me. A little more space would be nice though.

Now this is the rough part. The downstairs neighbors have a couple little dogs. We asked if we needed to be careful with the gate to the yard, and we agreed to not leave it open, but the tenants felt their dogs wouldn’t run toward the street. They were wrong. Their favorite little dog ran past my daughter and my son chased it to try to get it back….but it ran right into the street and was hit. So horrible! We felt just terrible about the entire thing. We still do and it makes it a little more awkward at the house. We drove back to Tri-Cities after that incident because we had to load everything into the U-Haul the next day. So, so sad!

Tuesday: We picked up the U-Haul at 8am. We only had 2/3’s of the house packed. Somehow we did manage to get it all in boxes. My mom helped, my brother-in-law helped, the older kids helped. It was a CRAZY day though. I’ve sold so much stuff, but my previous house was 3200 sq ft! I’m moving into 700 for the summer and then a total of 1600 and some sq ft. once the downstairs people move out.  A lot more of my stuff needs to go!

family moving

Our late night packing crew. The two older kids were huge helps and stayed up late helping us get most of it in.  I look like I’m 1/2 crazy here. I guess that’s what sleep deprivation makes you look like in pictures.

Wednesday: We finished loading the last bits and pieces, and left in the U-Haul. The house is a dirty mess and I’m not looking forward to my week of cleaning  that will be here shortly!

moving truck

Yup…almost everything we owned fit in the U-Haul. Fewf!  John taking a small break.

Wednesday evening: We arrived and decided it would be best to temporarily move our things to the other duplex upper unit. It is completely finish, slightly larger, and that way I could fix any lead based chipping paint before the kids played in there. So….we moved out all of the things the last renter had left and did a quick deep clean. What would a young bachelor leave in an old apartment?….everything he owns. Time for more hashtags: #whydopeopleleavethings #seriouslyyouleftyourcomputer?  #otherpeoplesdirtisgross

Thursday (today): We were blessed with some friends and church family that came to help us unload! After loading and driving for two days, my body was starting to wear down a bit, and they were such a blessing! We had the entire (large) U-Haul unloaded in about 6 hours. I can’t really imagine having to unload it with just John and myself!

So….that’s about where we are at. My camera is missing it’s charger and battery (thanks to whatever kid ran off with that thinking it was a toy!) I’m using a borrowed point and shoot…hence the not-so-great pictures.  Every inch of everywhere is packed beyond what I can really take at this point. Do you ever think about just chucking 50% of what you own in the garbage? I do, but then I think about selling it on Craigslist and save it for that. It’s a curse to be financially overly practical at times!

I need to find a day where John can take the kids so I can start sanding the uneven parts of the floor and fill the larger holes. I think I’ll at least go gather all my supplies and paint tomorrow.

Then after Sunday, it’s back to the other house to clean like crazy people. I hope my kids hang in there. They are used to a big house and a big yard and they really have been champs through this entire thing so far. They are kids, and I’m sure everyone below and next door to us thinks we’re insane and annoying, but overall they have been great.

I hope you’re all gearing up for a good weekend, and I hope your life is less-exciting than mine right now.

I’m off to get some sleep! Thanks for letting me be extra wordy on this post. I just felt like there was so much randomness I wanted to share.








  1. Wow, you have had a full week. So sorry about the dog! Never assume that a dog won’t “run off”… they always do…
    I haven’t had a busy week, it’s been kind of boring, at least you had work each day! (something to do)
    I hope next week calms down for you!

  2. Wow Katie! Y’all sure have your hands full! I’m glad that things are moving along and that your kids are sweet helping! Even a mundane task is better when done together! So let me get this straight – you bought two duplexes, will turn one into a single family house and rent the other one’s two spaces for income? Not such a bad idea once all the renovating and all is done! I’m looking forward to hearing more about it all and seeing more pics! Life is an adventure and we all just need to dive in once in a while, right? Have fun, good luck and try not to wear yourself out! Hugs, Leena

  3. Holy cow woman that’s a lot 😉 Just keep on movin towards your goals and take a break once in awhile to recharge. It’s great that the kids can help out a little. You are amazing can’t wait to see all the changes.

  4. Oh wow, Katie, what a week! Yeah, sleep, take good breaks to recharge so you can keep going on. Your hashtags made me laugh 🙂

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