Best Colors to Paint Rentals

Best Colors to Paint Rentals

I’m interrupting my usually upstairs house renovation, to show you what I’ve been up to for the past week. Our renters moved out about a week ago and we’ve been painting and painting ever since!

Since I’m painting a rental, I figured I’d show you some faves for rental paint colors.



BM HC-81 Manchester Tan or SW 6155 Rice Grain


BM HC-173 Edgecombe Gray or SW 7029 Agreeable Gray

These are found in Maria Killam’s article on painting rentals. She has some good info!

You can also read suggestions from Apartment Therapy readers for rental colors, or browse Rhonda Stevens’ Pinterest board for rental colors.

I choose my colors before searching these options. However, I don’t have white trim, but dark wood, so I felt that I had to go really light with the paint, and most of the above choices, I worried would be too dark.


Main Room Before

Really dingy, old, yellow paint. You can tell that they tried to touch up with the same paint, but the paint on the wall faded, so there were multiple colors of yellow. It was flat too….bleh.


Main Room After

Main Room After Paint

All done in BM Dove White. It looks WAY better. But…..I used satin, and even though it isn’t flat, the satin sheen in white says, “rental” to me. Personally, I would add a bit of color. Not much….just a bit. I had wood trim, so like I said before, I wanted to stay very light with the color.




Master Bedroom Before (Closets)

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom Before Paint

Same super-nasty, dirty, old, yellow, flat paint (and the door the renter punched a hole through).


Master Bedroom After

Master Bedroom Window After

Master Bedroom After Paint

Ahh….so much better!

As I was painting this color over the dirty yellow, the word that kept coming to my mind was “refreshing”!

What color is this? Well…I was going to stop by Ace Hardware and grab a BM paint swatch and have it color-matched at Walmart, but I left too late and Ace was closed, so I had to pick a “barley there blue-gray” from the Walmart paint swatch selection. I choose Foggy Morning Frost from the Walmart paint swatches. They had many other brands of paint swatches there, but I felt most drawn to the Foggy Morning Frost and after I had him mix it, I asked him to add a little more black, so that it would gray up a bit. I really like how it turned out. Just barely blue-gray. Neutral enough to go with almost anything, and really light, but not the “renter’s white”.

We also cleaned out the garage space which took painting, scrubbing, and hauling a truck load of junk/yard debris out.

We still have TONS of work to do. So much more painting, adding a fan to the bathroom, cleaning etc…

Good times! Hoping to finish up by Aug 1st!


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