My Current Junk Finds…

Like most other DIYers, I love a good yard sale/thrift store/junk pile. Heck, I would probably even like your dumpster! When I moved up to Spokane, I assumed my yard sale options would grow by leaps and bounds. I mean really, yard sales are hit and miss no matter where you live, but I live in an area with miles of old houses, many of which people have kept up. I will have to do an entire post on the South Hill of Spokane someday, but for the purpose of this post, just know that it is pretty incredible in my opinion and would appear to be yard sale paradise.

I figured I would have found many treasures by now,

…but the reality is I’ve been working on the house most Saturdays. That and I have WAY too much stuff for the house we are moving into. 3200 sq. ft. to 1600 sq. ft. is a big reduction, and to top it off, we’re living in 700 sq. ft. of it, while we wait for the downstairs tenants to finish up their lease in August. Why buy more, when you already may have what fits?

However, I have managed to stop at a couple of yard sales/ thrift stores and have found a couple treasures. Some good, some stupid.

Let’s go from stupid to stupendous….shall we?

Yardsale Door   Creatively Living

1. 4 panel old door: This was a stupid buy. I stopped by a sale, saw an old door and figured it would match the 100 yr. old doors at my new place. (I need two matching doors to the upstairs since we are adding two bedrooms.) 

What? I figured it would match mine at home? Can I blame my stupidity on growing up in an area that only had a small handful of old houses? All old doors are not the same Katie….what were you thinking? Most likely you will be able to find this one on Craigslist in a month or so.


Yardsale Light Fixture    Creatively Living

2.  Vintage gold lamp fixture:  This one is OK. It MAY (emphasis on the may) turn into something fabulous. Clean lines, simple, gold. It does have some things going for it.

I was hoping I could give it this sort of feel (picture below)


Little Green Notebook

We will see…if I can’t find the perfect place, you’ll see it on Craigslist in about a month.

— Now getting to some better stuff —

Yardsale Chandelier   Creatively Living Blog

I found this baby at the Restore for around $10. Perfect for the girls room. I love the gold and frilly details. It’s fantastic to find a fixture that you don’t even need to paint!

…and since I saved the best for last!

Ceramic Drum Stool    Creatively Living

Yes! Find of a lifetime (as least for me….I NEVER see these while junking!)

4. Yellow ceramic drum stool!

$15…can you believe that! There were so many beautiful things at that particular yard sale. I was a good girl and only brought this one home.

What treasures have you found lately?



  1. Oh I totally love it, what a find and I adore the yellow too. However I have painted a couple of these garden stools and they turn our fabulous. I would love for you to link to my Inspire Me party that is live – – - Hugs, Marty

  2. Lucky you!! I just posted on my recent finds, too. A couple of pretty bowls, some vintage nancy drews, and an old Polaroid camera.

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