The Floors…they’re done!

. So this title is misleading. The floors are not done…just two rooms are done. I still have two more rooms and a hallway to finish upstairs and all the floors downstairs, but considering these two floors have taken me almost a month, I just won’t think about all the other rooms right now!


(They actually look darker in person)

Do your rooms “evolve”? My rooms evolve. I’ll tell you how this happens. I see a space and I think about what direction I want to go with it. For example, I wanted to do the pine floors in the upstairs a very light color. My first though was to paint them white (since they were already painted). Let me tell you…if I were to go back in time, I would PAINT THEM! Refinishing them has been a nightmare! So back to the light colors. White for our family seemed like an insane choice, so I tried making my own gray stain. I couldn’t find a color of stain at any local stores that was a gray-ish color and for a pine floor that I liked, and I didn’t have the time to order anything. 

Floors Progress Pic 8

(Appling wood conditioner)

And when I finally got all the paint off of them, I realized how discolored they were. Strange light green and gray blobs, and some spaces were lighter than others. If I would have sanded more (I feel like I have sanded a month of my life away already), I probably could have got them looking more uniform, but that was the problem… I wasn’t sure if it was some weird deep staining, or just the trees at the time. It was truly hard to tell and all I knew is that if I used a darker color of stain, most of the discoloration would be covered. So that’s what I did.

Floors Progress Pic 5

(Pic of weird discoloration)

Floors Progress Pic 2

A pic of the "cooler” stains….some were not as pretty!

As you can see from the first picture above, they just weren’t pretty enough to leave plain..or even light! So it was Jacobean by Minwax to the rescue.

I really wanted to stay away from red/yellow undertones. They are sort of unavoidable since the undertones of wood are yellow and red, but Jacobean has the least amount of red added to it. They actually add lots of green to offset the red undertones.

floors 1

I know the crazy amount of brown in this room is not doing this floor pic any favors! You’ll just have to focus on the floors and imagine white or something on the walls.

On to painting part of the house exterior today and maybe starting to tear out the upstairs kitchen!                                               



  1. I love the last picture of the floor. Looks amazing

  2. In the end it all worked out, I think they look fabulous! Once the walls are done and furniture is in they will be full of character. That’s a big job, glad your halfway through. Have to be done by Haven so we can celebrate!

  3. Wow, absolutely gorgeous!

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