Giving a Rental a Quick Makeover


This rental is where 3 weeks of my summer went..maybe even more than that!

The renters left and it was GAME ON to get it looking decent!

DECENT…was all I was shooting for, because there’s only so much time, and my husband kept having to remind me that decent was good enough for now!

What was the #1 most important thing we did?…


Main Room Before


Main Room After Paint


Master Bedroom Before Reno


Master Bedroom After Reno

I explained in my post on The Best Colors to Paint Rentals what colors I ended up using.


#2: We got the bathroom under control!

Before Bathroom Fix-up

Do you see some crazy stuff going on here?

Like what in the heck is that three bulb “above the mirror type” light fixture doing running vertically next to the shower? Yes, I’m completely baffled!

Then there are the two different sizes of mirror sandwiching the corner. Why oh why did someone paint the wall paint color on the vanity and really people, if you’re going to take off shower doors….take the frame down too!

Ok, so there was a lot of work that needed to be done here, despite the room being in need of a serious cleaning!

I wasn’t able to get to it all but….paint, taking out that so strange light fixture, taking down the shower door frame and re-caulking the shower (not to mention scrubbing the heck out of it!), and adding a little silver paint to cover the rust on the hanging lamp, were all things that made my list of musts!

Bathroom After

A nice white shower curtain and towels always helps calm a crazy bathroom down too.

Yes, there is a lot more to do, but this is what made the cut this time around.


3. Next was to spruce up the outside!

How to lay sod before pic

…and as you can see it was BAD!

How I laid sod like this for free

Luckily, with a little paint, some free sod and a hard day’s work, we had it looking MUCH more under control.


4. Cleaned up the kitchen!

Breakfast Nook Before Reno

Breakfast Nook Before…

Breakfast Nook After

Some white paint, a new and more modern light fixture that I found at Lowes on clearance for around $25, and some flowers with a modern fabric table runner. I really liked this space when I was finished.


Kitchen Before Reno

Kitchen Before

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

White paint, a modern striped rug, and some succulents in a fun bowl for greenery. We also replaced the light fixtures for around $5 each.  You can click on the link to see how I made them.

Old Kitchen Light fixture

What were the old lights like? Well, one was this boob light that was too wide for the space…not to mention strange, and the other window had no light fixture at all.

5. It’s all in the details!

These were a few that I spent a little time on.

Rental details


1. We added greenery in a colorful bowl.

2. We flanked the front doorway with pretty planters.

3. Painted over the fixture rust with silver paint.

4. Changed out three light fixtures for $5/fixture. Now they match and are much better looking!

5. Put out fresh flowers and a modern table runner.

6. Spray painted the front light fixture. It was dirty, rusty and plain ugly! I will eventually replace it, but this works for now!

7. Added a plant and fun pillow for some color to show the property.

8. Spray painted the rusty mailbox.


We rented out the property to a family from World Relief. It’s been a neat opportunity to be with them during their first few weeks in America.

Hope you all are doing well! I miss blogging more. The floors at our house have taken over the small bit of “extra” time in my life, but (as I’ve said all summer) they should be done soon! Can’t wait to update you all!




  1. that really made the space look inviting. The new color is great, and the details you added to both bathroom and kitchen, are a nice touch

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