How to lay sod….for free!

How I laid sod like this for free

This was intended to be a tutorial with pics….but I’m having technical difficulties…

with both computers! Ahhhh!

So you’ll just have to follow along with some before and afters.


So as you can tell from the picture below, we needed some side yard help on the rental house BADLY!

In fact, one lady drove by the house after seeing my Craigslist add for our rental, and e-mailed me to say she wouldn’t want to come home to “that” every day! Yikes. Thanks for being brutally honest….it kicked my butt into high gear!

How to lay sod for free before pic

Now in my defense, we had only been working on the house for two weeks.

…and the inside was finally starting to look good, but the outside still looked pretty disastrous!

How to lay sod before pic

So I gave the garage a quick coat of paint, since I didn’t have time to complete the full makeover,

and then I found some free sod on Craigslist!

How to lay sod for free (after pic)

Truthfully, there is quite a bit of free sod on Craigslist if you live in a city.

I had my choice from two different places, both posted that day.

How to lay sod for free

Here is John starting to take the rocks and plants out.

How to easily lay free sod

I then took the shovel and dug a few inches down and raked any rocks, weeds, and other weird stuff up.

dirt pile from laying sod

This is the pile of dirt we had when we were finished. I guess we had more leveling to do than we thought!

Laying Free Sod

We got pretty dirty! There was a fire down the road that same day and when we went to get coffee, they asked if we had come from the fire! 

…yes that is a speaker in the stroller and I am wearing my two year olds head band to keep my hair out of my face!  Just keepin’ it real!

How to lay sod before pic

On the bright side, this only took a day, and it was FREE!

How I laid sod like this for free

Such great results!

Hope you’re having a great week!



  1. Wow that made such a difference. I love how you cut a curve around the tree it really gives it some interest. Darn I wish I lived in the city I need to re-sod my back yard. P.S. you rocked your daughters headband ;)-

  2. Well, that should rent now, Katie. The outside looks just great. What a difference some sod makes and you can’t beat FREE! xo Diana

  3. Great job Katie. That definitely looks like hard work but cannot beat free!

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