Gold Color-Blocked Pitcher…..using what you have!

There are times when the more I get into blogging and interior design, the more I feel I’m supposed to have my place a “certain way”, with “certain furniture” and “certain decor”.

…but I usually come back to the realization that that is just not me!

I love using what I have….and most of us have to use what we have! We can’t all go out and buy something that fits perfectly, or something that has the perfect material, or texture… sometimes we have to settle on something that will do. However, sometimes times brings being resourceful brings out the best of our creativity!


Gold is so popular right now. I’m loving it. I’m going to be using a lot of it in this house.

I had just started placing some things on the built-in shelves, and was unpacking a box of kitchen stuff, when I saw this ugly pitcher.


It’s hard to see, but there is a light blue-ish green ring around the top and a blue-ish green and pink stripe around the bottom.  I think I used it up high on the kitchen shelves in the last house, so no one could see the colors of stripes.


You can probably figure out the rest. Easy, fast and so much better looking when it is bold, gold and white!


This was the only problem. The tape line wasn’t clean at all! But my nail and a wet wipe fixed that. I just scraped off the gagged edge of the paint.


It still isn’t perfect, but no one can tell in the cabinet. Next time I’ll try Frog Tape!


Just for the record, I’m not keeping the blue in the back of the built-in. I do like it with the gold though.

Gold blocked pitcher

We have had to do a lot of work on the rental lately, so the house is coming along a little slower than I’d like. I am liking what we have done though.  I’ll have to give you a sneak-peak soon.




  1. I like your mistake!!! It looks more Pottery Barn look. The fingernail trick was just the perfect amount of straightening

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