Sofa Tables…(the makeover)

Sofa Tables

I’ve been noticing a lot of “two end table-like” coffee tables lately.

davidtsay3 Desire To Inspire

TheEverygirl_CoffeeTableStyling2 The EveryGirl

antique-chesterfield-sofa-ohio-farmhouse-0412-mdn Country Living

So when I saw these old end tables in my garage (yes, we are still unpacking), I figured they would work for a coffee table.

What happened to my old coffee table?  I sold it before the move, figuring it would be too big for the space. I think everything I sold, I actually could have used, and everything I kept is now sitting in my garage.


So here’s what I started with. Found them for a dollar each at a yard sale! They are plastic and so I had used them outside at our last place. You may remember seeing them on my back porch.

back entry final All it took was some cleaning….a lot of cleaning. I even gave them a shower. I’ll admit to finally painting over some of their unscrub-able dirt!

Then I spray painted them with white spray paint (should have probably used a paint/primer) and then I hand painted the rest with BM Dove White and a Purdy brush to get in all the little details.

Note: I used  Dove White because I had a sample on hand from Lowes or Home Depot. They both sell samples for around $3 and it is plenty of paint to do a small furniture piece! 

Sofa Living Room Tables Yup, I love them.

…and I love my couch.

…and my fluffy pillow my friend gave me for my birthday.

I know I’m sounding sappy, or silly, or both, but the room is coming together nicely, which is always a sigh of relief and happiness for a design lover. There are so many times when it doesn’t come together easily with things you have on hand.

Living Room Couch Table I’m glad I finally have their amazingness inside instead of out, because those details are cool right!

Sofa Tables It is nice being able to move the coffee table(s) around. You can scoot them up for coffee or computer work.

Couch Table Remake I love it when odd saved furniture works out perfectly!

Original-Living-Room-2 One more time…the Before.

Living Room Sofa Tables …and progress!

Can you tell what one of my upcoming projects will be?

Chair Upholstery!



  1. Hi Katie,
    I absolutely love your lil tables………..who would ever think they were plastic. Very pretty accent to your sofa, and I like the idea you can
    move them around easily too. Your room is coming together very nicely…………..I am sure you are lovin every minute of it……….know that is great fun for me and for anyone who loves decorating.

    Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving,
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Oh wow these turned out amazing! Love the fresh white tables!

  3. Your living room is looking great Katie! Love the couch and pillows.

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