The Chandeliers are up!


Remember the matching capiz chandeliers that I found on Craigslist about a month and a half ago?

Well….they’re up!

I have to say that I’m pretty happy with them. They are a statement. They are fun, and fancy, and strangely enough….my husband even likes them!

Here’s a little peak.


The dinning room and living room are basically a long rectangle with nothing in-between them. I have these chandeliers in each of the rooms. It’s a little difficult to explain, but a little more “tweaking” and I’ll show you more pics!

Hope you had a good “after holiday” Monday!



  1. Thank you! My after holiday was busy in my home praying for sick friends, hurting friends, my sweet hubby going to a specialist in a major city, and then walking in circles as I kept working on my home to prepare it for my friends tonight. It is so pleasant to see that photo so artistically taken of your decorating. And to know you also love Jesus. I thought of Jesus and talk to Hiim as I’d get confused how to put everything back after painters (yes, he was to come months ago but God planned him to come so very close to my party because he, the painter, that very week, was having everything fall apart. And we were praying not even knowing he was having crisis after crisis. He said he felt warmth in our little home). So though I am disabled and my creative brain takes on more than my doing brain can do, I prayed for a helper and God sent two and other offers. My home? It’s not about me. And I feel that about you. It’s using your God gift to create and warmly provide a space for prayers ( my two helpers who help me once a week two hours stopped all to pray for my husband on his way to the specialist)….I feel your home is and will be a place of blessing to all who enter. A place where the gift of decorating creatively to inspire other women to venture out and try creative designing to make their homes feel warm, safe, friendly to others. Blessings.

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