A Small Gallery Wall for the Entry…

Gallery Wall in Entry


I think decorating is a science.

Gallery Wall Small version You have to strike the right balance of colors, heights, and masses…

Gallery Wall How to This is one reason I love gallery walls.

Gallery Wall Hello Sign You can add texture, color, and a great amount of interest by hanging a few random things on a wall.

Gallery Wall This n Thats Like the dotted paper square above…..it’s scrapbook paper. For some reason a gold tack makes a world of difference,

and the heart from my button supply glued on a clothespin, which was then glued on a frame……simple.

Gallery Wall by Entryway Door Of course, you want an entryway wall to speak something to you…

hence the HELLO and the family picture.

Gallery Wall Photos …but my galleries are so often things that I just happen to find around my house.

The picture above I scooped up at the church yardsale. I loved the frame, and I just turned the backing on the frame around to show through the glass because I liked the gold photographers sticker on it. Perfect….almost reminds me of chalkboard.

Gallery Wall Galleries can be simple, but can make such a statement.

I’m glad this one came together out of some random stuff in my basement, because remember….my goal is to be using things I already have.



  1. love it! that little hello sign is completely charming. And I’ve seen a few great everyone jumping family pictures lately….I think we might need one 🙂

  2. I love your little gallery wall! It’s the perfect amount of quirky and yet looks totally classic! Love!

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