DIY Vintage Light Fixture


Vintage is so modern!

I know it’s an oxymoron in itself, but it’s true.

…and I for one LOVE vintage!

That is probably why this light fixture makeover is my favorite project in the stairway so far.

I originally saw the idea at a restaurant this summer, and thought it was an inexpensive fix for the right fixture that had a decent base, but a dated shade.


I wish I would have remembered to get a before picture, but I snagged this one off ebay so you could get the idea.


There are three steps to this makeover:

1. Remove the shade

Where to paint for vintage light remake

2. Paint the white part of the fixture base gold.

(I used tempera paint from Walmart.)


3. Add a frame.


There are only three frames on this wall, but as you turn with the stairs, there are around 15 others.


There are two of these light fixtures in the stairway.

They actually rotate, so you could point them at art on the wall if you wanted.


These vintage bulbs are not cheap, but I do love the way they look. I guess they aren’t a bad price for a fixture update. We’ll see how many hours they last!


I know this wouldn’t work for every light fixture, but if you’re just needing a shade update or you want a more vintage look, this might be something to try!



  1. Those are awesome! and yes vintage is so modern. I love this whole makeover you did. So many great ideas packed in. We’re still planning to come over for Farm Chicks so we will have to meet up.

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