Decorate Your Door! (Master Bedroom Door Makeover)


I have a roof to finish, a yard to put it, a house exterior to paint, and what am I spending my time doing?

…decorating a door.

Door Before Collage,jpg Yes, as part of my stairway remodel (that I was supposed to finish in Feb), I decorated my master bedroom door at the top of the stairs. 

The before was nasty! There was still food dribbled down the door from the previous tenants toddlers. Lots of dirt, the 110 yr old door handle had some paint on it. The door also had a gold deadbolt, since the top floor used to be a one bdrm rental.

Master-Bedroom-Door-Makeove I started with cleaning and painting it, and it had that foam-stick insulation around the exterior which is nearly impossible to get off (The oil method seemed to work best at getting the foam stickiness off, in case you’re wondering). 

Master-Bedroom-Door-Decor-R I soaked the hardware in hot water, and the paint came off with a light scrub. 

Then I took out the deadbolt and filled the hole, sanded and painted over it.

It almost looks rusty in the picture, but it’s actually a cool, old patina.  It looks neat in person.

Arrow-on-door-makeover-RS I finished the door off with these arrows. I’m not so sure where I got the idea, or why I felt the need to do this instead of my zillion of other projects (procrastination possibly?), but I like the way it turned out. 

It feels nice and clean and it’s kind of quirky.

Decorate-Your-Boring-DoorRS I used my Silhouette for the middle one, and the other I cut with my cutting mat and rotary cutter (I cut the arrows and hearts by hand).

Door-Makeover-in-Stairway-R Here’s a glimpse of how the stairway is turning out. I just need to paint a little more trim and fix a couple of the pictures, but my enthusiasm for finishing it has been low now that the sun’s out!

Happy Friday!



  1. It is so pretty. What a creative and clever idea. I love, love, love it. I hope you and your family have a very Blessed and Happy Easter.

  2. It looks fabulous! Love that doorknob! how beautifully ornate 🙂

    Things are looking so pretty, you’re doing a great job!!

    Happy Easter Katie!

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