The Stairway Makeover….stairs and numbers!


These stairs have come a long way in the last few months!


Let’s face it. The orange shag had to go…


My fearless helper (who luckily still accepts payment in Slurpees), helped me take all the tack strip off.


After pulling close to 5 million staples, I gave the stairs a very light sand, stained them with my Minwax Jacobean/Ebony mix, (which took 5 zillion stinky years to dry), and used a waterbased poly to go over the top, which only took about 45 minutes to dry, thank goodness!


I’m still considering going back over them with some stain and poly, or maybe a light coat of dark wax.


Since I kept the stairs pretty rustic. Not adding much wood filler at all, I wanted to dress them up a bit with some fancy (but not too fancy) numbers.

Vast improvement right?

They still need one more coat of poly at the least, but for the most part I’m done with them and happy with how they turned out!

Up next will be showing you the floor to ceiling pic gallery in the stairway!


Other projects in and near the stairway:


  1. I love your entry and the stairs are fabulous. So much character.

  2. I love it!

  3. Your stairs look amazing. Your helper is adorable. What a huge difference. Love the numbers too!

  4. Oh my word! What a great makeover. Totally worth all that hard work for sure!

  5. Stoppin by from Anne’s. LOVE your home and projects!! These stairs are fabulous, the dark stain is perfect against the white and oh, how cool that you added those numbers!!

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