My Urban Garden….for free (almost)!

Hey everyone!

The last two weeks have been crazy. I’m going to try to get more posts up about what we do between start and finish on these projects, so here’s an “in between” post. It’s really almost done, but I’ll have to do another post on this area in the summer when everything grows in and we have a new fence up.


This is currently my urban gardening area.

What can I say, I’m a farmer’s daughter, and I get sort of crazy about buying little plants and storing produce away for winter.

Part squirrel? …possibly.


Here was the before. It’s tough to see how slanted the ground was. We ended up pulling out all the sod and leveling it out.

Lesson learned the hard way; RENT A SOD CUTTER AND PUT YOUR GRASS BACK DOWN!

Gosh I’m regretting that one!

Unban-Gardening on the cheap

Here’s the awesome part to this project area. We pretty much did it all for free!

Free Craigslist yard supplies and stuff laying around the driveway when we moved it made it pretty easy to only have to buy screws, starts, spray paint and some tomato cages!


The starts and flowers weren’t cheap, but you could plant seed early and make that part much more economical!

I made the flower box from free wood off Craigslist.


You can catch a glimpse of my pea growing yellow gate in this picture. I also made all the garden boxes from free wood off Craigslist. Any gaps were stapled with durable plastic inside…in case you’re wondering.


Both fences were sitting in the drive way when we bought the place. (I love the huge orange one).

I spray painted them some fun colors.


I can’t wait till the flowers fill in and spill over the sides.


The river rock and edging was also free off craigslist and the edging was the nice 10 in thick stuff. The stuff I never buy!

We did have to paint the side of the garage and re-roof it. That was unfortunately far from free! Win some loose some huh?

I almost have all the free CL sod put in. Just one pick-up load to go!

So you can’t tell me that you don’t have the finances for a fun yard!

Just get creative!


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  1. How fun Katie! I love fun pops of color with the orange and yellow fencing.


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