Patio Set Makeover

Hey everyone!

It’s been one wild, social, fun, and very BUSY week here!

Is summer seeming the same for you?

If you’re following me along with my porch makeover, know that I’m basically DONE (thanks to my mom and friend keeping my kids for three days!)


Last weekend, I went to my parents and my sister came to meet me there.

She is an AWESOME seamstress, and helped me quickly recover my patio cushions.

I gave the patio set frames a quick spray paint and whala! The recovered set is now perfect on my new porch!

Here’s the scoop…

I bought this patio set at Walmart around fall clearance time for our last backyard.

The set held up for about 4 yrs, then it was pretty much shredded by the kids…and that was two years ago! So now it was REALLY bad!

Before and During Pics of Cusion Recover

The cushions to this set were TRASHED! They were super faded and ripped to shreds in some parts. I had some free gray material from a friend’s yard sale. Only problem was, I didn’t have enough gray, but no worries, grandma to the rescue…she had some gray sweatshirt material, so we decided to do the bottoms of the cushions in a different shade of gray.

The con to this solution was that the cushions would not be very reversible, the pro….the material would all be FREE!

So, my sister and I had a quick recovering party (She did a large majority of the work) and when I got home, I gave a quick sand to the frames and spray- painted the frames black with some paint and primer spray paint.

I went through three cans. The entire makeover cost me around $12.





Not bad for a $12 makeover right?!

Of course that doesn’t include the pillows that I recovered, and take note that I did not recover the back cushions to the set.

I also swiped some of my mom’s Velcro for the sides (outdoor cushions need an easy way to take them off and wash them!)

The cushions I did recover are FAR from perfect. They were made of  four small layers of foam, and some layers are bigger than others. It makes for a lumpy cushion, but when you have pillows, and plants around them, no one really notices!

I can’t wait to show you the entire patio. I am REALLY happy with how it turned out, and it’s so nice to have another space done, and this one really did turn out nicely!



  1. I love the bright yellow with the gray, so pretty and so inviting. Your porch is looking fabulous.

  2. Clap,clap,clap….and more claps…. excellent

  3. Katie, your porch is just amazingly beautiful! If I haven’t said it before you are truly blessed with a creativity that has God’s love written all over it! You’ve made your house a home for your beautiful family and I know they must think you’re the best Mom and decorator in the whole wide world! Love you, my sister in Christ! Thank you for still inspiring me with each post!

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