Outdoor Lighting Dilemmas …help me choose!

  We have had some major house exterior progress in the past couple months!

(Never-mind the open slider and the ladders…I was too lazy to go up and fix those.)


The picture below is from last summer when we bought the house.

We’ve painted (almost) all of the front, renovated the front porch, landscaped etc…


So here’s my dilemma:

I need a pendant light in front of the door, and a wall mount light that matches to go above the slider on top.

Here are my choices as of now:

 The Craftsmen style

(I will call these the Flower Lights because of the flower shape on the bottom.)

Outdoor lighting options


1. I think these lights are just plain pretty! That round thing is the bottom of the big pendent light (don’t worry the wall light is actually much smaller).

2. These are very Craftsman, sticking with the house style.

3. That round “flower bottom” is awesome in my opinion.


1. I’m not a fan of opaque, amber-ish glass…..and it may be a little busy for my already busy porch.

2. I’m not sure I will love that wall mount above a slider, but maybe that is just me.

Second choice:

The Fishbowl Lights

Exterior lighting


1. It’s different, but still cool in my opinion….and I like things that are a  little different. The pendant is actually longer than it looks in the picture.

2. It has clear glass (although the picture doesn’t totally show that either).


It’s not a sure win. It’s a little different, which I like, but when it comes to resale, I’m not sure it would be everyone’s favorite.

So….what do you think?

The Flower, or the Fishbowl?

…or any other suggestion!



  1. Hi Katie!!! Your place is looking fabulous!! I would choose Craftsman style because it’s my fave but both are pretty cool!

    Have a great week xoxox

  2. Hmmmm. I have a dilemma so I’ll be no help. I really like the wall lantern look that you call fishbowl but looks more like a lantern. But I’m not into the fishbowl thing. It’s not me.
    The other light pendant. I simply love the bottom and think it would scatter light so interestingly!! So if I had to pick, money no object, I’d go with the first set. The more I think of the second set it reminds me of living in my in laws rental and the back door light was kind of like the lantern without the metal. The first? I’ve never seen before!

  3. Craftsman!

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