How to Turn a Fake Wreath into a Real Wreath...Pinecone Wreath Tutorial by Creatively Living Blog

How to Turn a Fake Wreath into a Real Wreath…Pinecone Wreath Tutorial

Every year I see the “real wreaths” outside the grocery stores. The smell of pine makes me want to purchase one so bad… there’s just something about “real” pine tree branches that smells so good [so real!]! Yet every year, I look at the price and decide to go home and put my “fake” one up.
One year, I decided to turn my “fake” wreath into a “real” wreath.
I’m not sure what it’s considered now. A wreath with an identity crisis?
Whatever it is, it turned out looking “real” for a fraction of the cost!
Here’s what you’ll need:
Evergreen branches (or something similar);
Pinecones (I used 2 different kinds);
Metallic paint….gold or silver (or really any color you wish to use);
Glitter for a little sparkle (optional);
A “fake” wreath (see picture below);
Florists tape; and
Ribbon, stars, and anything else you want to use to dress it up.
I started by painting the pinecones gold and rolling them in iridescent glitter. By doing this first, they will have time to dry, while you arrange the wreath greenery.
Finished pinecones.
Now take your “fake” wreath (use a kind that has wire in it). These can be purchased at about any thrift store this time of year. I’ve even seen them at Dollar Tree.
Start adding the real branches to it.
You can see I wrapped the wire branches from the fake wreath onto the real branches to keep them in place. I cut the branches about a foot long for one kind and smaller for the other kind of evergreen.
Here’s a picture of the wreath after 1/2 the greenery was on.
Next, take the florist’s wire, cut it in half and wrap it around the pinecone. Then wire it to the wreath branches….real or fake.
I added starts and a bow from the dollar store so it would show up even better on my door.
Total cost: $3 (of course I used a wreath I had at home, and already had the paint and glitter). If you had to purchase everything, I think you could make it for under $10.


  1. What a great idea – I thought I knew (almost) everything but I honestly never thought of this before. Sharing!

  2. What a great idea! I love the smell of pine too 🙂 I will have to give this a try!

  3. beautiful!

  4. This is such a great idea! I have an old fake wreath that could really use a makeover. Thanks!

  5. Anne Carroll says:

    Love it. Sort of reminds me of a Christmas present someone owes me. hahahaha (Think spring!)

  6. This is such a great idea! The end result is so beautiful, I love this post.

  7. Nice job! I love how full it looks!

  8. Such a great way to make a pretty wreath on a budget. Thanks for sharing it over on our Inspired by You party!

  9. Hi ladies! Your tutorial on how to turn a fake wreath into a live one is fabulous! I have selected it as my Friday Features!. Thank you so much for sharing on the Inspired by You link party. Happy holidays!


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