Park View Has Potential…My Backyard Makeover {BEFORE}

Park View Has Potential…My Backyard Makeover {BEFORE}

I have a fairly unsightly backyard…it’s somewhat embarrassing to share! But, this Park View backyard Has Potential!

Before Picture

When I look past my yard I see a pretty, open park and I’d LOVE to have my backyard feel as if it were a huge, relaxing, fun park. But right now it’s just old, worn out, outdated, and falling apart…need I add, a little unsafe for kids due to some uneven surfaces in the concrete.

It’s a dream of mine to have a home that can be the neighborhood hangout spot. I’d love to have people over where they can play and/or relax and be in a nice, comfortable, and safe environment.


There’s a LOT I’d like to change (I love a good transformation)!

I’ve drawn up an idea to get me started.

drawing of backyard makeover by Creatively Living

Here’s the to-do list:

  • The siding on the house is faded, so that needs to be cleaned and freshened up,
  • The roof needs to be cleaned and the moss needs to be removed,
  • Shrubs and trees that are next to the house need to be removed,
  • The sliding door is rickety and isn’t easy to open or close, I’d like to replace it with french doors and I’d also like to replace the window in the dining room with french doors,
  • Replace windows (if I’m putting in new door(s) then I’ll need new windows too, right?),
  • Replace the current patio (if you want to call it that) with nice pavers, stained or stamped concrete, or a wood deck,
  • Replace the ugly patio cover (ugly is an understatement) with a covered pergola,
  • And finish it off with shutters, lighting, flowers, plants, seating and decor.

I’ve been inspired by many things, just to name a few…


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I’m looking forward to a serious transformation to beautify this backyard!

I’ll be posting the AFTER pictures by Labor Day!

Holly Creatively Living


  1. I love your work, it’s always beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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