What Makes a Great TV Room....and Our After School Party with Pop Secret and The Land Before Time Movies.

What Makes a Great TV Room….and Our After School Party with Pop Secret and The Land Before Time Movies.

Pop Secret and Land Before Time School's Out Party!

Today we’re going to discuss some of my “must-haves” for a good TV room and show some pics from our “End of the School Year Movie and Snack Afternoon”.  As you can see above, we watched the The Land Before Time Movies which paired perfectly with some Pop Secret Popcorn.

So what is important in a TV room?

I think a good TV room takes proper couch placement, plenty of seating, foot props, comfy accessories and tables arrangements into account.

Sounds like a lot right?

Well let’s evaluate some pics from our “Schools-Out Pop Secret and Land Before Time” party this week and I’ll show you a few of the things that are working in our TV room and a few things we are still figuring out.

Now keep in mind….

Our TV room started off pretty bad!

You can read about this room from the beginning here.

I don’t plan on living in this house forever, so I didn’t want to spend a fortune on furnishing it.

It’s small. The likelihood of our family re-using tiny furniture that we needed for this room is slim.

So I have accumulated a couch from Craigslist, some road-side tables, cute pillows, and a bureau from the Goodwill for the TV.

Now keep in mind…there is still a picture gallery that needs to happen, a paint job or something similar for the table, a poof or ottoman, some sort of window shades, and wall paint touch-ups.

First off for recomendations….seating!

1 Seating

Pop Secret and Land Before Time Movie

The first thing most people think of when designing their TV room is seating!

This is important.

Most of us watch TV at the end of the day.

We’re tired. We want to relax and seating matters!

I don’t watch much TV, but I LOVE our family movie night ideas and comfort is key.

A comfy couch that’s facing the TV in a reasonably close proximity and additional comfy seating are what is important to me!

So many times a see beautiful rooms with couches facing each other and the TV at the perpendicular end of the room.

Besides that it looks beautifully symmetrical, I really don’t understand this design for a TV room. It seems like everyone would have a kink in their neck after a movie.

I also see beautiful rooms with couches facing the TV, but they seem a football field away!

If you’re unsure about distances, you can google couch/TV distance guides online.

Another issue to think about is extra seating.

Not every living room is big enough to have all extra seating facing the TV but comfortable chairs or poofs that can be scooted around to face the TV are perfect. Also, be wary of putting your guests in hard metal chairs, or other uncomfortable side chairs that you have in your living room.

Our TV room is so small that even IKEA sectionals hardly fit. I wanted a couch that everyone could sit on, but one that didn’t look huge and obnoxious in our tiny room. I ended up finding this tufted vintage sofa on Craigslist for $100. It’s not perfect, but the price was right and we can all fit. Someday I’ll take the skirt off and make it a little more modern but for now fun pillows do the trick.

2 Tables

Pop Secret Land Before Time Party

Tables are my next “must” for a TV room.

These are my suggestions:

a. A coffee table
This allow people to set food, drinks and their feet on something.
Growing up my parents had a nice coffee table and didn’t want our feet on it. I totally get that, but have an ottoman or something if you’re against feet on the coffee table.
Even thought I use our table as a foot rest, I’m hoping to acquire a couple poofs for footrests and seating.
b. A side table of some sort to set your cup on.
I love coffee, and it’s a little annoying when there’s not a place to put your coffee or water cup while you sit on the couch.
I’ve had living rooms with side tables and living rooms without and I strongly suggest having them!
Nesting tables and ottoman tables are both very popular and great choices!
 Our coffee table in this room is a table that I found on the side of the road and cut half of the legs off.
It is honestly the most used piece of furniture in our house!
We all put our computers on it, do our homework on it, work at it, eat off of it, use it for our coffee, draw art at it, and I use it as a foot rest daily!
I also have a small plant stand at the far end that I use for an end table.
It’s a little odd and too high, but it works for now to set a coffee cup or movie night snacks on.
3 Comfy Accessories
Comfy accessories take any TV room to the next level.
Things like pillows, foot ottomans, and trays are not only practical, but can give the room a great sense of style.
I have somewhat of a pillow obsession and since I usually work with Craigslist and yard sale finds, fabric is my favorite way to make the room feel modern.
I also LOVE ottomans, since I’m short. My feet just aren’t comfortable barely touching the floor.
Trays are another nice way to group decorations on a table, or to use when you bring out movie night snacks.
They are versatile, practical and a great décor piece.
Now let’s talk about this movie afternoon, shall we?
1/2 of our kids are completely out of school and the other ones only have a couple more days so we figured we would have a little party to celebrate the school year.
Walmart has a newly released DVD complete collection of The Land Before Time Movies.
This is a new series and I remember liking the old one as a kid. I figured the kids would have fun watching the new one and would enjoy The Land Before Time Characters.
So we grabbed the movie and some Pop Secret popcorn at Walmart and invited a friend over.
Everyone enjoyed a the movie and snack.
It was a great way to wind down the school year.
You can head to Walmart to grab The Land Before Time: The Complete Collection DVD today,  6/14 (while supplies last) for your movie night or afternoon.
What are your must-haves for a TV room?

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® , Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Pop Secret, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #Pop4LandB4time http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV


  1. Margaret says:

    Hi — I came across this quite by accident and though I’ve only 1 small child in the family, your ideas are marvelous and we’ll put them in the works shortly! Thanks so much – MMR

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