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Porch Makeover…and how I added stripes!

Hey everyone!

This is a post from a couple years back, but it is one of my favorite projects of all time.

We still use this porch daily in the summer (we have no A/C) and even during the colder months, it’s just a wonderful place to sit and read, or watch people at the park.

As of today, it’s June….so in my book, it’s now summer!!!

I hope this gives you a little summer patio inspiration!




The stripes are done!

This project took WAY longer than expected….(don’t they all).

Let’s throw some chairs and lights on it and have a party!

Before Collage

This project took LOTS of scraping, sanding, washing, …and painting.

Pretty sure I hash-tagged #willthiseverend on three Instagram photos!

Painting Stripes on the Front Porch with Scotch Blue

Painting stripes was easy.

I simply taped off sections of four boards with Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape, and painted in between them.

Using a higher quality painting tape makes such a difference.


In the end, the work was SO worth it!

I used Sherwin Williams Porch and Enamel Paint. I had them mix my house paint at 25% to get a lighter gray, and also had them match my trim paint (Chelsea Gray, and Oxford White by BM in case you’re wondering). I think using lighter color stripes are the way to go on large porches. The pattern makes the impact, but the color is subtle enough to not make the stripes overpowering. I want the color in the porch pillows to not have to compete with the stripes. I’ve heard really good things about SW Porch and Enamel Paint, and you can often pull their coupons up on your phone to defray the cost. I think I only had to spend around $70 for the paint, and that’s because I choose two colors.


Don’t look too closely… I’ll be touching up paint spots and scraping window paint for the next 4 years, but it’s ready enough to start decorating.



So there it is!

Stripes complete!

Now to paint porch chairs, cover cushions, hang lighting, make pillows, plant planters, spray paint planters….and the list goes on!


Here’s an updated pic with decor!




  1. I love it, how great is this. Your porch is amazing.

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