Backyard Makeover ~ The Big Reveal by Creatively Living

Backyard Makeover ~ The Big Reveal

A few months ago I won a contest that was hosted by Rust-Oleum; I was provided a gift card to a home improvement store and a few products to give my backyard a makeover. I’m excited to share with you my Backyard Makeover reveal with you!

(The project that consumed our entire summer…but it was totally worth it!)

Here are a few BEFORE pictures.


Things to note: Trashy overhang, mossy roof, overgrown shrubs and trees, raised brick planters, uneven concrete, rickety sliding door, and aluminum windows (one gets replaced with a door!)…

backyard BEFORE

The backyard was a big eye sore and it made me nervous to have my kids running around on the uneven concrete and near the raised brick planters. And it was just UGLY! Kinda embarrassing since our backyard can be seen from the park.

Park View Has Potential 2 - BEFORE PICTURE

Here’s a quick run-down of everything we’ve done to this back yard:

  • Removed several shrubs and trees
  • Removed the old patio cover, the sunken concrete patio, and the brick planters
  • Replaced windows and doors (replaced one of the windows with a door)
  • Installed window trim
  • Poured a new concrete patio, scored it, and sealed it
  • Built steps to the doors, stained, sealed
  • Fixed the soffit/fascia that was missing from the house when we removed the patio cover (surprise)
  • Removed moss from roof, cleaned
  • Washed the house and wiped down with WipeNew ReColor
  • Planted grass
  • Installed the chimney vent hood
  • Painted and installed shutters
  • Built window box and installed
  • Built wood slice table, wooden bench, and pallet sign
  • Painted the rug
  • Hung lights
  • Added flower pots/flowers and plants
  • There were a few other miscellaneous items, but this was the gist of it

Without further ado…here are the makeover reveal pictures:

Before and After - Backyard Makeover Reveal by Creatively Living

BEFORE AND AFTER Backyard Makeover by Creatively Living blog

 Backyard Makeover Reveal by Creatively Living

I love the overall transformation of the backyard…

backyard makeover by Creatively Living

…but sometimes it’s the little details that make it really fun!

 Backyard Makeover Reveal by Creatively Living

The hanging lights give the evening a warm glow!

 Backyard Makeover Reveal by Creatively Living

Hope Pallet Sign by Creatively Living

There are signs…that bring encouragement.

 Backyard Makeover Reveal by Creatively Living

Living plants the bring life…

 Backyard Makeover Reveal by Creatively Living

And a fun yard where the kids can run around and play (and I don’t have to worry)!

Hairpin Leg Wooden Bench by Creatively Living

Places to sit and relax…

Backyard Makeover Reveal by Creatively Living

…and enjoy the company of others.

Backyard Makeover Reveal by Creatively Living

Backyard Makeover Reveal by Creatively Living

 Backyard Makeover Reveal by Creatively Living

After all the hard work put into this makeover…FINALLY…my husband gets to relax…

{It was worth all the hard work!}

You can follow my backyard makeover projects here:

I hope this reveal inspires you step forward with your projects; if they are overwhelming, break them down into smaller pieces and take it one piece at at time. I look forward to hearing about what projects this inspires you to take on.

Holly Creatively Living


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  1. Marty Oravetz says:

    Oh it looks so beautiful. Great job.

  2. Wow what a big difference! Your backyard makeover is beautiful. Love the shape of the patio, and the new doors. Looks very peaceful and relaxing.

    • Thank you so much for your complements. We were hoping the curved patio shape would make it more unique and fun. It’s so much more peaceful back there now.

  3. That is a MAJOR wow!! Thank you for sharing with us at the To grandma’s house we go link party! Pinned!

  4. Amazing job, it is just beautiful. 2 questions, where did you get the stands for the bench and table. The other question what are your lights hanging to on the other side, another project maybe

    • Hi Sarah, Thank you and good questions. I believe I ordered the legs from and yes, hanging the lights will be an upcoming post 🙂

  5. Stopping over from Kim’s party – what an ahhhh – mazing transformation! I’m sure you are enjoying this space!

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